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The standard Outdoor time limit is 10 seconds.

Depending on this type of game this may change. For example, indoor rules state that the disc may only be held for 8 seconds.

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Q: How long an a player hold the disk before he must throw it in ultimate frisbee?
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How do you score a goal in ultimate frisbee?

To score a goal or point in Ultimate Frisbee you must throw the disc to a player on your team while they are inside the end zone.

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is basically football with a frisbee instead of a ball. When team members pass the ball, the receiver has to catch it or the other team gets it and tries to throw it into their endzone.

What should you do after your catching the frisbee?

If playing ultimate, then stop running and throw it

What are the age level in ultimate frisbee?

there are no age levels for this game. the only thing you need to do is catch and throw a frisbee.

What is the term bomb in ultimate frisbee?

Throw it as far as your can, also known as hucking it

The game of ultimate frisbee is started with a throw-off?

The game of Ultimate (Frisbee) begins with one team throwing the disc from their end zone to the other team standing in the end zone at the opposite end of the pitch.This throw is called the "Pull".

What is a hammer in ultimate Frisbee?

when you throw the disc over your head perpendicular to the ground with a lot of flick and then it flattens out

How do you throw a frisbee?

if you dont know how to throw a frisbee then u suck at life

What is a pivot in ultimate frisbee?

After catching the frisbee, leaving one foot planted on the ground and swinging the other foot either left or right to position yourself for a better throw, or to get away from defenders.

How does a goal take place in ultimate frisbee?

How you do this is you must throw it to a man in the 'end zone' meaning there is no reaching out to the touchdown after you catch the ball.

What is a huck in ultimate frisbee?

A huck is when you throw the disc as far as you can down the field, whether it be to get the disc out or to try to get a point from long distance.

Why is throwing the most important aspect of frisbee?

The Frisbee was made to be thrown. In Ultimate, if you do not throw the disc, then you cannot score, and nobody would ever have fun. Since throwing is the only way to advance the disc, this is what you have to do, making it the msot important aspect of Frisbee.