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The last Winter Olympics in the US was in 2002 in Salt Lake City. The last Summer Olympics in the US was in 1996 in Atlanta.

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Q: How long ago were the Olympics in US?
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How long ago were the Olympics created?

20 million years ago

Was the first Olympics in the 1800s?

No but it was a long time ago

How long ago were the first summer Olympics?

776 b.C

How long ago was 44 BC?

2053 years ago. I'm not sure they had the Olympics in 44BC.

How long ago and where were the first modern Olympics held?

they were held in 1896 in Athens, 119 years ago.

What is 'modern day Olympics'?

The Olympic Games that have been played since 1896 are called the 'modern Olympics'. The Olympics started in 776 BC in Greece. If you hear the term 'Ancient Olympics', that means the Olympics that were played long, long ago.

How long ago were the first morden Olympics games held?

The first modern olympics were in 1896, in Athens Greece.

How long ago was the winter Olympics hosted in Canada?

The Olympics started on 2/12/10 (Opening Ceremony).

How many years ago did the Olympics start?

the Olympics started 2,786 years ago!!

When was the long jump invented?

about 1896 and has a history in the ancient Olympics........ which is about 116 years ago

When did other countries start taking part in the Ancient Olympics?

A long time ago.

Who roemed the land a long time ago?

You need to tell us what "a long time ago" is.

What can fossils tells us about life that lived long time ago?

what fossils can tell us about is that a long time ago fossils was in dinosaurs body then but now they are dead

How are the Olympic games different now from the Olympics long ago?

i do not know sorry its for my homework and yall need to tell me

When did sushi come to the US?

a long time ago.

How long have professional athletes been competing in the Olympics?

As long as the Olympics have started. As long as the Olympics have started. As long as the Olympics have started.

Where were the first summer Olympic games held and how long ago were they?

The first Olympics were at Olympia in 776 B.C.E.The first moderm Olympics were at Athens, Greece in 1896 C.E.

How long ago was it when Hawaii was added to the union?

It became a US State 51 years ago in 1959.

Did they ban slavery in the US?

A LONG time ago, buddy.

When did the us and Canada start trading?

a long time ago

What are the Olympics named after?

personally i think that they were named after the ancient Romans or the ancient Greece because in those days of that long ago they did Olympics so I'm sorry if this answer didn't help you i tried my best :)

Where were the Olympics started?

the Olympics were started thousands of years ago in greece. They are named after MT. Olympus

Did the Olympics start in the 1800s?

The Olympics started thousands of years ago, and they were brought back in 1896.

When did WWE Born?

Long ago my friend Long ago my friend Long ago my friend Long ago my friend

How long was figure skating have been part of the Olympics?

Figure skating has been part of the olympic games since 1908, where it was first part of the summer Olympics. In 1924, it was first introduced to the winter Olympics. Your question does not specify which Olympics, but it was in the summer Olympics 102 years ago. It has been in the winter Olympics for 86 years, and been in all 21 winter Olympic games since then.