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John Cena has been Wrestling 10 years

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Q: How long John Cena wrestling?
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How long has john cena been wrestling for?

John cena has been wrestling for 14 years

How long will john cena be out of wrestling?

i think a week there no wwe without john cean

What is Jon Cena most famous for?

John Cena is most famous for wrestling. John Cena has had a lot of success in professionally wrestling for the World Wrestling Entertainment company and is thus a WWE superstar.

How old was John Cena when he started wrestling professionally?

John Cena started his professional wrestling career in 2000 (Ultimate Pro Wrestling) at the age of 32.

Does John Cena like wretling?

does john Felix Anthony cena like wrestling

What is john cena doing?


Is john cena fired from wrestling?


Did WWE John cena die?

No, John Cena is still alive and wrestling.

What is John Cena doing nowadays?


Who was the first champ in the wrestling?

John Cena.............

What was John Cena interested in as a child?


Can you wear earrings in wrestling?

Just ask John Cena

What got john Cena into wrestling?

First john cena wanted to be a body builder then he wanted to start wrestling and he got many offers like the wwe

How tall is john cena-?

Wrestler John Cena from World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is 6'1" tall.

How do you use prowess in a sentence about wrestling?

John Cena was known for his prowess in wrestling.

Is jonh cena dead?

John Cena is not dead . He is alive and still wrestling in the WWE.

How long has John Cena been wrestling?

@WWE Hunter Wrong he started wrestling in UPW in 1999 and then went to OVW and then wwe. So he has been wrestling for 16 years

How old was john cena he started wrestling?


What does John Cena do besides wrestling?

he raps and he acts.

What is john cena doing right now?


Is John Cena a millonaire?

no cuz if he was then he would not be wrestling

Is john cena from wrestling fired?

No,it is just a storyline.

Where did John cena go to school for pro wrestling?

Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW)

Why is john cena good at wrestling?

He is so good because wrestling is fake! xD

Has john cena beaten Scott steiner?

Im not sure but john cena has pooped his pants in the ring when he was wrestling scott steiner once.