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Q: How it set the lacrosse quartz clock ch 899?
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How do you change time in ajanta quartz odc- 150?

The Ajanta Quartz ODC-150 clock has buttons at the side which allow the owner to set the time. Pressing these buttons in the correct configuration will enable this.

How do you set the quartz clock in your Chrysler 200 Not in owners manual I changed the clock on your radio but this is a clock above your radio?

To set the analog clock, located at the top center of the instrument panel, press and hold the button (located just to the left of the clock on the silver bezel, at the "nine" o'clock position) in until the setting is correct. The clock will adjust slowly at first and then quicker the longer the button is held.

In Pokémon Emerald, what is the clock set time for?

the clock is set for time

How do you set the time on a Daniel Dakota Quartz Westminster Chime mantle clock?

I have a Daniel Dakota westminster chime that chimes only during daylight hours. Original instructions said to set clock to 6:15 p.m. before inserting batteries (hard to tell which is pm or am.) I set the clock to 6:15 and insert the batteries. Then begin to turn the clock to set the correct time. If you clock has chime courtesy, when it reaches the evening and night hours, it will stop chiming on the hour, and will click instead. If you are setting the clock to a daylight hour when it should chime, then stop on the correct time while it is chiming. If it is an evening or night time, then set the correct time when the clock is setting. The worst case scenario is, if the clock is silent during the day, and chiming during the night, advance the time by 12 hours to reach the correct setting.

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How do you set time in ajanta quartz odc-120?

operating manual for ajanta quartz ocd 120

How do you set an alarm clock on your zune?

uhm i dont think you can set an alarm clock, but you can have a clock on your zune. go to settings and scroll till you see clock, click 'show clock' to yes and set the time to either 12 or 24 hour setting then set your time

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