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Q: How it is possible to skate on ice without leaving trail behind?
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Explain how it is possible to skate on ice without leaving trail behind?

ye question kisne bheja hai? may I know?

How is it possible to skate on ice without leaving a trail?

when we will apply pressure the ice will melt and after we pass that area the melted ice will freeze back to form ice thus no trail is left

Where can one perform skate ramp?

One can perform skate ramp at a local skate park. It is also possible to perform skate ramp if someone purchases a skate ramp. This way, one can privately perform skate ramp.

Is there a skate park in sandy?

yes its behind the middle school

Will Skate 2 ever come out for wii?

not as far as i know, they did make a Wii version though. called Skate It. it is possible that a Skate It 2 may come out.

Where does skaters skate?

Ice skaters skate on frozen lakes/ponds/rinks Skateboarders skate anywhere! Even frozen ponds and lakes. Hey, it's possible! They skate at skate parks, regular parks, stairs, rails, ramps, benches, anywhere! :)

Is it possible to ice skate in Edinburgh?

you can ice skate on artificial ice anytime or an indoor ice rink if you want outdoor, has to be winter

Can you ice-skate on the Great Barrier Reef?

Um....... no. That is not possible at all.

Who left an imprint of skate blades behind at the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Sonja Henie

Whose left an imprint of skate blades behind at Grauman's Chinese Theater?

Sonja Henie

Can you skate with a cracked deck?

Yes , you can skate with a cracked deck as long as the board has enough strength to have the weight of the person on it without bending too much

What is the difference between recreational skates and figure skates?

The recreational skate is not designed for the speeds that the figure skate is. It is a "crossover" between the figure skate and the hockey skate. It is not designed to be as precise in turnings and stops as the figure skate. However, if you do not wish to invest in figure skates for the novice (just in case it's another whim) recreational skates are a good option. The novice learns to skate and has fun without the expense of the professional skate.

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