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Q: How it Hercules associated in the Olympics?
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Who made the Olympics up?

Hercules made the Olympics up.

Games started by Hercules?


What were games started by Hercules?

The Olympian Games were started by Hercules in honer of Zeus.

Which person invented Olympics games?


Who was the first person to create the Olympics?

Hercules, the son of zeus

What is the town associated with Hercules?

Hercules was born in Thebes. In Crete a city was named after him, Heracleion, now Iraklion.

What is a special feature found in the constellation Hercules?

associated with the Zodiac

Who started the running for the Olympics?

some stories say it was hercules, challenging his brothers.

Which game is not associated with Olympics?

Quite a few games are not associated withe the Olympics and many that once were not associated are now associated, such as tennis. Australian Rules Football is not associated with the Olympics although an exhibition match was once played. Generally speaking, games which are particular to a country (such as A.F.L. or octupus baiting in the South Pacific) are not usually played at the Olympics. The Olympics usually consists of those games and sports that are more universally played.

Was Hercules the one person who actually made up the Olympics?

yes that's what i think

What animal did Hercules killed in the Constellation associated?

Leo the Lion, Contstellation Leo

Was Hades aligned with any greek hero?

He was associated with both Orpheus and Hercules.