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how is volleyball different then tennis

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2013-02-11 20:57:09
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Q: How is volleyball different than tennis?
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What are the different kinds of sports in the Philippines?

badminton table tennis soccer tennis volleyball

What net is highest volleyball or tennis?


Are Reebok's good tennis shoes for volleyball?

Yes, most tennis shoes are good for volleyball.

What are all the sports where you serve a ball?

Tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and beach volleyball.

What's the difference between volleyball and tennis?

The net of tennis is shorter then a net for volleyball.

What are the similarities between volleyball and tennis?

Volleyball and tennis are similar in that there is a ball and a net. Volleyball does not have rackets like tennis. With volleyball you aren't allowed to let the ball touch the ground like you are in tennis. In both games, you are facing another team. There is a difference in the number of players as well as the method of scoring.

What is the name of the game played on a volleyball court with a volleyball but it has to bounce before you hit it?

Volleyball Tennis

What three sports are related to Badminton?

Tennis, Table Tennis, and volleyball

Where can you learn different types of volleyball serves?

You can learn more than 31 different volleyball serves at this link.

What is the difference between volleyball and volley tennis?

Volleyball is a sport played with a volleyball and two teams of six on either side. Tennis is where teams of one or two hit a tennis ball over a very small net. Volleyball nets are approximately seven feet tall and the point of volleyball is for the ball to hit the floor on the other side of the court. Tennis balls can bounce and the point of tennis in for the ball to bounce twice or bounce out of bounds without the opponent hitting it with their tennis racket.

What is the difference between volleyball and tennis?

Volleyball has a higher net and you actually touch the ball while you spike it, set, bump, and serve it. With tennis you have a racket to hit the ball back and forth over a net that is touching the floor. Volleyball is always a team sport as well, where as tennis requires one player. If you're playing indoor volleyball, you need six players on each team, but if you're playing beach volleyball, you only need two. The ball is not allowed to touch the ground, but you're allowed one bounce in tennis. In volleyball if the ball lands on the line, it's in, but in tennis when it lands on the line, it's out. Also, the way the two sports count points is different. Good volleyball is always played with a bump, a set, and then some sort of attack (there are lots of different kinds), but with tennis you just hit the ball back and forth over the net. There's a big difference between them.

What sport is played by mostly woman?

Volleyball and Tennis.

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