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After being lit in a ceremony in Greece, the Olympic torch is carried through relay, to the country that is hosting the Olympics for the year. It is passed from runner to runner, until the final runner is revealed at the opening ceremony.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: How is the torch carried in the Olympics?
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Who carried the torch at Beijing Olympics?

Yao Ming

Who carried the torch into the stadium at the Melbourne Olympics?

Ron Clarke.

Which symbol is carried to the land where the Olympics is going to be held?

A torch

Who carried the Olympics torch a day before the opening ceremony of Olympic games?

the queen

What year did vanna white carry a torch for the Olympics?

For the 1996 Olympics games both Vanna White and Pat Sajak carried the Olympic torch on different legs of the route

Why is the olympic torch so important?

the torch is important because it is an Olympic tradition that started in the year 1936. the torch is always carried from grease to the country where the Olympics is being held.

Who carried the 2012 torch?

david beckham and jedward have carried the olympic torch

Where and how is the olympic and paralympic torch lit?

The Olympic Torch is ignited at the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece. The torch is kindled by the concentrated light of the Sun, focused by a parabolic mirror. The torch is then carried by a relay of runners to the location of where the games are being held.

What celebrity's have carried the torch?

Daivid Beckham has carried the torch Matt Smith

Who were the Torch bearers at the atlanta summer Olympics?

1996 torch bearers atlanta olympics

For the ancient Olympics was the Olympic Torch carried around different countries?

No. The ancient Olympics were a sports festival but also a religious festival celebrated in Greece by Greeks to honor the Greek gods.

Which member of Super Junior carried the Olympic torch?

Han Geng carried the 2008 Olympic torch.

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