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Horseback riding is a large category... there are many individual sports in it, like dressage, racing, polo, show jumping, hunting, cross country jumping, barrel racing, etc. Each of those are played in different ways based on what style it is, western or english.

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Is horseback a sport?

Yes. Horseback riding is a sport.

What did cowboys do for sport?

Well, horseback riding is a sport!

is horseback riding a hobby?

No, it is a sport.

What sport is equestrain?

Horseback riding

What is an Equestrian sport called?

An Equestrian sport is the sport of horseback riding.

What is Jennywooz's favorite sport?

Horseback riding

What is horseback riding called?

Equestrian sport .

When did horseback riding become a sport?

it isn't a sport... YES IT'S SPORT!! horseback is a cowboy thing and it is fromnorth America

What is a unique game or sport of Tennessee?

horseback riding

What was Andrew Jackson favorite sport?

horseback riding

What is the most expensive sport for kids?

horseback riding

What is another word for horseback riding?

Equestrian sport

What is the function of horseback riding?

It's a sport AND entertainment.

Is horseriding a type of sport?

They call it horseback riding & yes we consider it as a sport.

With what sport do you associate the terms steeplechase and dressage?

horseback riding

What is the horseback riding sport that you go around poles?


Would horseback riding be considered a recreational sport?

well i call it a real sport

In which sport are the most deaths each year?

not horseback riding, it is motobikes

Which sport was not held in Australia during the 1956 Olympics?

Horseback riding.

Sports That Starts With E?

Equestrian is a sport. It involves horseback riding.

Is horseback riding an aerobic sport?

its actually an anaerobic sport mainly working your leg muscles and core

Where did English horseback riding originate?

Horseback riding in general began in central Asia at approximately 1600 BC. From here, horseback riding developed into more that just means of transportation, eventually becoming a well-known sport across the globe.

What is horseback sport?

Hoseback sport is racing and competitions.It is a sport because you have to use your leg muscles 24/7. Trotting is all calf muscle, i cant believe people think horseback riding is a sport because you can compete and it is exercise.

How do you horseback ride English style?

Horseback riding is something that has been around for thousands of years and it is taken very seriously these days as a sport. English horseback riding is seen throughout the world today. To do it both hands have to be on the reins to control the horse.

Where did horseback riding first originate?

Horseback riding originated in Mongolian tribes.