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Current technology allows the use of a "radar gun" to determine the speed of a cricket ball. There is a slight problem in that the ball is frequently thrown "down"

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Q: How is the speed of a cricket ball during bowling determined?
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What is Shoaib Akhtar most famous for?

Shoaib Akhtar is an athlete most famous for his cricket play. In the cricket world, he is known for his speed in his bowling. In many cricket competitions, Shoaib Akhtar's fame was earned with his speed and power.

What is James Anderson bowling speed?

James Anderson's Bowling speed is 5.6

What is James Anderson's bowling speed?

James Anderson's bowling speed is 5.6

Where on a bowling lane does the speed-gun tell the speed of the bowlingball?

There isn't a speed gun used for bowling. There are two light sensors that either are placed about 10-15 feet in front of the lane or in the pin deck area. The ball speed is determined calculating the time between when each sensor has been tripped.

When a golf ball and bowling bal collide how does the golf ball speed compare with the bowling ball speed?


What is the bowling speed of Brett lee in ipl?

Maximum bowling speed of Brett Lee is around 160 kmph.

Why does cricket players needs speed?

Hey friends i am Shivam , and i think that the cricket players need speed to even play cricket as if they will not have speed they couldn't play cricket. In cricket, speed is needed every where to even take a run by the strikers quickly or to catch the ball far from the fielder by running in speed to get the ball by the opponents team. So speed is too important in the game of cricket.

Fastest speed recorded for bowling ball?

My highest speed is 26.4

What is Ishant sharmas bowling speed?

in the 140s

How the bat speed is measured in cricket?

By Speed Radar !!

How do you measure bowling speed with a use of a stopwatch?

you don't

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