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As mentioned, the overall result in ski jumping is derived from the distance jumped and the style points achieved. A jumper's score is the total of the distance points and the style points.

Distance points

The distance that a jumper leaps is measured from the edge of the takeoff to the point where the jumper touches the landing slope. The landing is considered complete when both feet are in full contact with the landing slope. If landing in the Telemark position, the jump is measured to the midpoint between the jumper's feet as he first touches the hill. Video cameras record the distance of each jump to an accuracy of 0.5 metres. Once the distance has been measured, that metre figure is then translated into distance points. Distance points are related to the event's respective K-point. A jump to the K-point is worth 60 points, and each metre over or under that distance is reflected by an increase or decrease of a set number of points: 2.0 for the normal hill and 1.8 for the large hill.

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Q: How is the snow ski jump distance measured?
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