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It is determined by the International Olympic Commitee (IOC).

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Q: How is the location of the Olympics determined?
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Is the color of a star determined by its location in the galaxy?

No. The color is determined by the star's temperature, not location.

How do they determine where to hold the Olympics?

The Olympics are determined by the National Olympic Committee every year.

What does determination mean in the Olympics?

when you determined you success

What is the location of the Olympics?

The olympics this year is being held in London.

What determined the location for Saint Peter's Basilica?

The tomb of Saint Peter determined the location of St. Peter's Basilica.

How are sports for the Olympics determined?

because some sports are team sports and the olympics are when you have 1 or 2 winners

Where was the location of the 2006 summer Olympics?

There were no summer Olympics in 2006, but the winter Olympics held that year were in Turin, Italy.

How is the gray cup location determined?

The gray cup host is determined by bidding.

How is it determined which country an athlete represents in the Olympics?

the country that you were born in.

What is the next location for the Winter Olympics?

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia.

Why do the Olympics change location?

The Olympics change location for versatility. The International Olympic Committee believes the games are for everyone and shouldn't be in just country year after year.

What determined who would get in the Olympics?

couches, trainers, teachers and mostly universities

Why are Olympics held nowadays?

There is not definite answer to this question as the Olympics are held in a different location every time.

How is the location of the Olympics determended?

It is voted on by a committee

Where did the modern Olympics start what was the importantance of the location Athens?

The first modern Olympics was in Athens because it is the capital of the country who had the idea of the original Olympics.

Who determined the location of 850 stars?


The starlets in dubio location frustrated the determined fans?

Undetermined A+

Location of the 2002 winter Olympics?

The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where is the location of the palace of the gods and goddesses?

Mount Olympics

What location was the hippodrome built?

it was built for Olympics game

Why was the location chosen for the Olympics chosen 2012?

it was london

How is absolute location of a place determined?

hunter gatherer

How is a person determined to be colored?

It is determined by their location in the world with reference to their ethnical place of birth and the related genetic differences.

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Spacing for floor joists is usually determined by building codes for the location

What is the date and location of the next Olympic Games?

the next Olympics are on in Vancouver 2010 but the next summer Olympics are in London 2012