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The highest ranked team is selected as home.

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Q: How is the home team selected for the BCS National Championship Game?
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Who will be the home team in the 2010 BCS national championship game?

auburn tigers

Who will be the home team in the 2012 BCS National Championship game?

LSU"booo!!" but ALABAMA will WIN :)

Who is home team of Oklahoma vs Florida national championship game?

Oklahoma is the home team and will wear Red, Florida is suck.. i mean the visitors and wear white.

Who will be the home team in the 2013 BCS championship game?

notre dame

Who is home team in AFC championship game?

that's not decided yet.

Sentence using pandemonium?

There was a pandemonium in the stadium when the home team won the championship game

Where will the NFC championship game be played in 2010?

At the home of the highest seeded NFC team.

What are the release dates for NFL Game of the Week - 1965 The Home Stretch 2005 AFC Championship Steelers at Broncos?

NFL Game of the Week - 1965 The Home Stretch 2005 AFC Championship Steelers at Broncos was released on: USA: 2006

How is the home team determined for the BCS Championship Game?

The team with the highest ranking in the final BCS poll before the game

When did British Home Championship end?

British Home Championship ended in 1984.

When was British Home Championship created?

British Home Championship was created in 1884.

Who won the 1958 national championship?

The Louisiana State University and the Iowa Hawkeyes Split it. LSU (Louisiana State) Finished #1 in the final AP poll so they take home the AP national championship. Iowa finished #1 in the Coaches (FWAA) poll so they took home the trophy.

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