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The gray cup host is determined by bidding.

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Q: How is the gray cup location determined?
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How is the World Cup location decided?

The World Cup location is normally determined by a number of things including countries that express interest in hosting it. Other issues that are considered include the weather in a region, the infrastructure of the stadiums, and security.

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What do you get when you win the gray cup?

The grey cup.

What determined the location for Saint Peter's Basilica?

The tomb of Saint Peter determined the location of St. Peter's Basilica.

Where will the 2011 gray Cup be?

Vancouver hosted the 2011 Grey cup!

What is the gray cup made of?

Th grey cup is made of silver

How is the location of the Olympics determined?

It is determined by the International Olympic Commitee (IOC).

Is the gray cup an entertainment?


When was the first gray cup?

In 1909.

Who was the Most winners of the gray cup?

Edmonton Eskimoes

Who won the gray cup in 2001?

The Calgary Stampeders won the Grey cup in 2001.

Who was the gray Cup named after?

The cup was named after Earl Grey, a former Governor General of Canada, who donated the cup in 1909.

Who will win the gray cup?

Ottawa, eventually.

Who won the gray cup in 2009?


Why was the gray cup named after earl gray?

Because he was the one who donated the trophy in the first place (in 1909).

Who won the 2008 gray Cup?

the Calgary stampeders

How much does the gray cup weigh?

25 pounds

Who is the gray cup named after?

Lord Earl Grey

Who won the gray cup in 2008?

Calgary Stampeders

Who won the gray cup in 1997?

The Toronto Argonaut's

In what country did they play the gray Cup Game?

The Grey Cup Game has always been played in Canada.

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What is the gray cup?

It is the championship trophy for the Canadian Football League.