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When one team has more points (points are earned by crossing the fourth base, aka. home) after the amount of innings that were due to be played.

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Q: How is the game rounders won?
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How do you win a game in rounders?

How to Win a Game of Rounders Winning a game of Rounders means your team has scored the most points at the end of a predetermined number of innings (usually two). Note: Rounders game rules would award the victory to the team with the most Rounders (whole points) if the game ends in a tie.

How can you change a game of rounders?

to change a game of rounders you can change the rules

How many innings are there in a rounders match?

Five innings constitute a game of rounders

How do you win a game of rounders?

Score more rounders than the other team!

How do you umpire a game of rounders?

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Who invented rounders?

Rounders is a game that was invented by two people called William Clarke and John Newbery. The game was invented in 1828 in London.

When did rounders originate as an Irish sport?

Click on the 'Rounders' link on this page to learn more about the game.

How do you say Rounders in French?

There isn't a name for rounders in French because it's not a French game.

Why was baseball called rounders?

It wasn't. Rounders is a differant game similar to Baseball but with a differant set of rules. There is debate as to how much Rounders influenced the creation of Baseball.

Where was rounders originated from?

Rounders was originated in England, the first game was played in 1884 first with formalised rules.

Where did rounders originate?

Rounders is a bat and ball game that originated in the British Isles and dates back to Tudor times. This game is similar in some respects to softball.

What does stomped mean in rounders?

Stomped means when your in a game of rounders and a fielder gets the ball and touches it against the base

How manu substitutes in a rounders game?


What game did they have before baseball was invented?


Can you be out by dropping your bat in a game of rounders?


What equipment does a rounders umpire need?

There are two officials in a game of rounders. They don't really need equipment other than a clipboard and a whistle.

Is baseball a British game?

Baseball originated from a British game called rounders.

What are the skills and techniques needed for rounders?

There are not specific techniques needed for rounders. But, if the game of rounders you are playing is similar to kickball, then practice anything you may need to know for kickball... or possibly research tips for kickball, you may get more results than if you search for "rounders".

How long does a rounders game last?

15 minutes

How many bases are used in a game of rounders?


What do rounder players wear in a game of rounders?


When does a game of rounders finish?

usually when the whistle blows

How can you get out in a game of rounders?

by hitting the base where the batte is going to

What was the first game played by English colonist?

I know that Rounders was a game that was played in England before colonists came to America so I think this might be your answer. Rounders is kind of like baseball.

What is the role of the official in rounders?

to make sure the game is fair.