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The olympic flame is not extinguished from the time it is lit in Olympia to the end of the games in the host city. When it is carried on a plane it is held in several sealed containers

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: How is the Olympic flame carried on a plane?
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How did the Olympic flame get to Egland in one word?

it flew in a plane

How does the olympic flame get over seas?

The olympic flame is carried overseas in a chartered airplane. It is enclosed in a lantern which is lit from the torch in the departing country.

Are the Olympic torch and the Olympic flame the same thing?

Olympic torch-bearers, nominated by sponsors of the Olympic games, carry the Olympic flame from its source, in Athens, to the main stadium, using a series of gas-filled Olympic torches, much like a relay race. Each torch-bearer is given their own Olympic torch (which they keep) which is lit by the Olympic flame carried by the previous torch-bearer. To preserve the flame's continuity, the Olympic flame is carried in special safety-lamps while travelling by air or sea. Once at the main stadium, during the opening ceremony, the final torch-bearer lights the Olympic beacon which remains lit throughout the games. The Olympic flame is therefore the flame itself, while the Olympic torches are the receptacles that carried the flame from Athens to the main stadium.

Is the olympic flame from the sun?

Of course not. It is lit in Greece and carried to the country hosting the games

Were does the Olympic torch come from?

The flame originates in Greece and is carried to the current venue by individual runners.

What is the Olympic torch and flame?

the olympic flame is a symbol of the olympic games

How is the Olympic flame carried from Greece to the host country?

Its not. The Greeks come to the host country and light it there! then its carfully ran to thec olympic stadum

Will there be an Olympic flame at the paralympics?

there is an olympic flame at the paralympics

The Olympic flame is transported by this?

the olympic flame is transported by what

What do the Olympic flame represent?

what is the Olympic flame symbolic

What is the purpose of the Olympic Flame?

The Olympic flame honors the gods.

What is a flame lit into in memory of ancient Olympic games to present games?

a bowl holding flamable stuff is lit with the olympic touch after its been carried to other countries.

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