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To ensure there is as little friction or drag as possible for example the streamlined helmets that bicyclists wear or the full body swim suits that are becoming popular for swimmers. Swimmers also shave body hair to streamline their bodies and reduce drag.

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Q: How is streamlining used in sport?
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Why is streamlining used?

to reduce air resistance or drag.

What three sports are there where streamlining is very important?

Three sports that streamlining is very important is NCAA baseball as Ohio State has recently streamlined there stadium thanks to alumni Nick Swisher. Another sport is NCAA football, where Notre Dame is known for streamlining. And in the professional industry when there's moves that need to be made to make your team better like the Detroit Lions streamlining is a common term used by the general manager. I found this info here.

How is streamlining used?

In believing in god, one can understand everything.

How do skiers use streamlining?

it is used to help athletes improve their performances

What force does streamlining reduce?

Force streamlining reduces air resistance or air friction.

How does streamlining help airplanes fly?

Streamlining helps anything move faster through the air.

Why is streamlining importannt?

streamlining is important as it helps in reducing friction and so the body can move smoothly.

Where do you use streamlining?

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How does streamlining affect the flight of a rocket?

Incredibly ! -In rocket flight streamlining is the single most important factor.

Why streamlining important?

streamlining is important because with out it cars,planes and some boats would go to fast and out of control

Streamlining in boats?

A streamlining boat is one that moves through the water with ease and doesn't have speed or progress problems.

Why does streamlining work?

air resistance

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