How is soccer marketed?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It is targetted at everyone. It is the biggest sport in the world. Anyone can play or watch it. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest world championship of any individual sport and attracts a worldwide audience.

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In the USA it appears to be marketed everday on TV there are soccerball seen in adds everyday. The MLS (Major League Soccer )markets itself and the USL (United Soccer Legues )which has at least 3 levels below MLS. There is also the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League). All are professional. Most professional teams have sponsors and wear the name of the sponsor on their jerseys. You will see teams with Comcast, Herbal Life, Shap, Coca-Cola, etc on their shirts. In the US few companies spend much money purchasing adds in news papers or on TV. Most marketing is done through local soccer clubs and geared toward youths and their families or as sublimiminal parts of TV commercials. Soccer is not a major spectator sport here among adults and does not get free marketing and advertising just by game coverage and controversy as does football, Baseball , Basketball and to a lesser extrent hockey. Some years soccer is THE major sport in the US in participation rates even at the adult level. (More than basketball) Participants tend to play it more often than watch it. It is the WORLD"S #1 Sport also called the "BEAUTIFUL GAME" Trivia: The word soccer comes from the sport's original name "Association Football". It is short for the word association. American Football is called football which is short for it's original name ,"Gridiron Football". It sounds like I am marketing soccer.

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Q: How is soccer marketed?
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