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Q: How is projectile motion used while going off a jump on ski's?
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Are there projectiles among animals?

I think the question is about projectile motion, Yes the animals jumping is the best example of projectile motion, when they jump a parabolic curve is formed thus their jumping could be taken as an example of projectile motion.......

Which sports have horizontal projectile motion only?

Gymnastics, figure skating, and horizontal high jump are sports that involve horizontal projectile motion only, meaning that athletes move horizontally without any vertical movement.

How do you get to the taller rock on fire island in poptropica?

You have to wait for it to be going down while you go down. Then jump WHILE its going down. To make this work you both have to be going down.

How do you hippie jump over a car in Skate 3?

by going down hill while car coming at u n from there u hippy jump

What would cause the tachometer on a 99 Pontiac grand am to jump once in a while?

Its going bad.

How is a frog being able to jump an adaptive advantage?

its not just that the frogs jump, its how they jump. If humans try to jump away from immediate danger, we would be going a couple feet at a time, while frogs doing the same thing would get 10-25 feet per jump, while their hunter is not as fast as the frog

What are the examples of sports that work on the principal of projectile motion?

-- football pass or kick -- baseball throw or hit -- soccer kick -- javelin toss -- discus throw -- hammer throw -- long jump -- jai alai -- badminton -- tennis -- volleyball -- archery -- rifle range.

What is the verb for motion?

wave, jump, signal

What are the release dates for Zane's the Jump Off - 2013 Man-In-Motion?

Zane's the Jump Off - 2013 Man-In-Motion was released on: USA: 2013

How do you jump into a handstand without going onto your knees?

Start by doing underwater handstands and jump into them after a while it will come naturally under water then it should be easier out of water.

How do you go slow motion in doodle jump?

You don't.

What is a motion verb?

Motion verbs include: kick, run and jump. Motion verbs demonstrate that the subject of the sentence is doing something to an object.