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We'll start with the First Law, concerning inertia. It states that a resting object will not move until an outside force moves it, and that a moving object will keep moving in a particular direction and at a particular speed until an outside force stops it, slows it down, or speeds it up.

Let's apply that to knock hockey. When you put the puck on the table, it will stay where it is until a player hits it with his stick. When the puck is moving, it'll keep moving in the direction it's going until it hits an obstacle (a wall, another player's stick, etc.). Another outside force acting on the moving puck is the friction between the table and the puck, which serves to slow the puck down.

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Q: How is newtons 3 laws of motion used in a game of knock hockey?
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All the three Newtons laws of motion is applicable in the game of hockey. The ball stays where it is unless it is hit and given a force. The acceleration in the ball is proportional to the force given to it through the stick by the player. The ball when rebounds on the goal post is as per the third law of motion. As the stick, the ball and the post are rigid materials there is not much loss due to absorption.

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