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Q: How is maths applied to sport when playing any sport?
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Why is swimming the best sport maths wise?

In terms of maths, there is no particular sport that is - in any way - better or worse than another.

Why playing sport keeps kids out of trouble?

Because they can't cause any trouble while they're playing the sport.

What is the nickname Aussies associated with in sport?

It is applied to any Australian sports team including Rugby and cricket

What are disadvantages of playing an individual sport?

You dont have any team members to help you. You have more pressure on you when you are playing. And it is just harder.

When should you not wear a wrist strap?

When you are playing any type of sport.

Why does Kieron Barwick even bother playing sport?

because he is extremely large! its pretty much pointless playing any sport he should stick to a tread- mill the silo!

Is there any advantages to chewing gum while playing sports?

there is no advantages to chewing gum while playing sport

Is tennis a lethal sport?

No, tennis is not a lethal sport. There is no physical contact in the sport and any death that would occur while playing the sport can probably be attributed to a health issue of some kind.

Is playing airsoft considered a job?

Not in any way. It is a hobby and possibly a sport.

Duffy is a term used in which sport?

It is total disrespect and is used for any sport for people who love that sport that they are playing but take all of it as a joke. So they basically play to laugh not to score.

If you score a hat trick what sport are you playing?

Your are playing any of the following sports, cricket,football,water polo,hockey,basketball.

Which cleats are for grass?

All cleats are used for all types of terrain when playing any sport.

What sport did Alexander the great play as a child?

He was more into war then really playing any sports

Any topic for maths project of class 9?

history of maths

What sport did C S Lewis like?

C S Lewis did not like any sport very much. He was born without joints in his thumbs and was awkward when growing up, which meant that he had difficulty playing any sport and never got involved in them, either to play or as a fan.

Is field hockey a dangerous sport?

Any sport is dangerous if you don't wear a cup. Case closed. For the most part, it's fine; occasionally things go wrong (and I've seen people, as well as myself, go to hospital for various things while playing). But it's part of life. I would expect to be injured somehow playing any sport.

Can dodgeball relieve stress?

Any sport can relieve stress. Playing a sport or doing something active can easily relieve stress because you'r in a state of a physical activity.

Can you tell any interesting maths model?

the interesting maths model is trigonometry and geometry

Does playing softball help you health?

like any sport, you burn calories, so yeah it's good for you

What joints are used when playing tennis?

All of them. Pretty much any sport out side of chess uses your whole body

Application of maths in mechanical engineering?

Maths is a fundamental part of mechanical engineering, as it is with most disciplines, without maths engineering, of any kind would not be possible.

Is there any cheats for maths online?

There is not any cheats to maths online because it is a school website. Why would they have cheats on a school website? ask yourself that.

How many times has James Bond scored?

He never scored any musical compositions in any of Flemings books. Nor is there any evidence of him playing a team sport where he scored a goal.

Can i grow my height by playing basketball?

Though it might seem like playing basketball helps you grow taller since most basketball players are tall, that is not the case. Playing basketball does not affect your height any more then any other sport activity.

Does mr sport have any juice?

Does juice have any sport?