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by playoffs and records of teams

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Q: How is it decided which teams get to play in the world series?
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How many teams make it to the World Series?

2 because only 2 teams can play

Can two AL teams play in the World Series?

No. World Series is the winner of the ALCS vs winner of the NLCS.

Can 2 teams in the same division be in the World Series?

No, the World Series pits one team from each league. It is possible for two teams from the same division to play in each league's Championship Series but not in the World Series.

What are only major league baseball teams to not play in a World Series?

The Mariners and Nationals are the only two teams left to never have made a world series appearance.

When did both of New York's baseball teams play in the World Series?


Do American league teams play national league teams?

American League teams play the National League teams for four series per season, in what is called "interleague play." also, in the World Series, an American League team plays a National League team.

What happens at the world series?

Two teams play a 7 games series. The first team to win 4 games is the World Champion.

Have the Pirates ever played the Cardinals in a World Series?

No. They cannot play each other in the World Series as both teams are in the National League.

What year did 2 baseball teams from NY play in the World Series?

2000 Yankees and mets

Which teams have the most World Series victories?

No surprise -- the New York Yankees have the most series victories (27) and most games won in World Series play (134).

What is the order of how teams are decided for the World Series?

Each League has four teams advance to the playoffs. These teams are the three division winners and a fourth team that has the best overall record of the teams that did not win their division. This team is called the 'wildcard' team. Usually in the first round of the playoffs, the wildcard team plays the division winner with the best overall record and the other two division winner play each other. These series are called Divisional Series and a best of 5; the first team to win 3 games wins the series. The winner of those series play each other in another series, called the Championship Series, with the winner going to the World Series. The Championship Series is a best 7 (first team to win 4 games wins the series) and the World Series is also a best of 7.

What are the names of the two baseball teams to play in the world series?

San Fransisco Giants and the Texas Rangers

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