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its used to move the soccer ball

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Q: How is friction useful in soccer?
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How does friction help people who play sports?

When you are playing soccer, friction can be very useful, when you are passing the ball. If you want to make a long pass which stops fast.

When Is Friction Useful and When Is Friction Not Useful?

Friction is useful when you are trying to stop a car, but not useful in the pistons of a car's engine (It makes them less efficient).

Describe 3 examples where low friction is not useful?

Walking, driving, and standing still.

When is friction useful on your bike?

The friction is useful on a bike when you push it.

Is pedals on bikes useful friction or not useful friction?

yes it is

What is friction useful for?

friction is useful in cars for braking, cornering and accelerating

When is friction useful?

Friction Is Useful For Lots Of Things Like Walking Or Riding a Bike

What are the useful and unuseful affects of friction?

friction is useful on the tyres on your wheel because if you did not have friction on them you would crash.

How friction is used in soccer?

Yes, friction is used in soccer take a throw in for ex sample

3 ways friction is not useful?

Friction is very useful but it has its own disadvantages. Friction causes wear and tear. Friction spoils the soles of our shoes. friction reduces speed This is all wrong some not useful types of friction are are when airplanes fly the friction causes heat that materials that will withstand which are costly.

What is one way that friction is useful?

stopping cars Friction is useful to start a fire with sticks.

Does brakes on a bicycle have a lot of friction or not much and is it useful or not useful?

Brakes are meant to have a lot of friction and it's useful.

How is high friction not useful?

it's not useful because it is to high for the friction to be electrified ^3^

Is there any friction in soccer?

Friction is in the grass. Friction slows the ball down.

Is friction useful?

yes friction is very useful because it help objects not to slide or slip

Is friction useful to gymnasts?

Yes, friction is useful to gymnasts because it helps their hands to grip.

What 3 sports are friction useful and not useful for?

Friction is helpful for these sports:FootballJavelinWeight liftingFriction is not helpful for these sports:SkiingDiving

Is friction useful on ships?


When is a high friction useful?

It can be useful when a ball is catching

When can friction not be useful in a boat?

the friction from pushing the hull through the water is not useful as long as you're travelling.

When is high friction useful?

High friction is useful for lots of things, like a goalkeeper's glove. The more friction there is between the glove and the ball, the easier it is to get a hold of it.

List two way in which friction is useful?

friction is useful with the brakes on cars. I love you all

Is friction useful when walking down an icy street?

It's useful

Is friction useful to ship?


Does fluid friction affect soccer balls?

All friction affects a moving object, the source of the friction and the object moving is irrelevant. Water on a soccer ball would effect the performance of the ball.