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Q: How is diamondback session bmx?
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What bmx is better diamondback or edge?

Personally i like Diamondback BMX's more. but in general they're both pretty good bikes.

Is a diamondback grind a good bmx?

yes i got one it has a good height for medium size bikers to join the diamondback grind bmx world

How heavy is a diamondback viper Bmx?

30.65 Lbs Diamondback Viper X is 28.7 Lbs

Are diamondback bmx bikes good?

yes some of them are good just check the one you are getting

Where can one buy diamondback BMX cycling accessories?

There are over 65 different models of the Diamondback BMX cycle which indicates that it is very popular. This means that there are many outlets for this bike. Accessories can be purchased from local dealers or online from suppliers such as Sportchalet, Bicyclewarehouse and especially Diamondbackbmx.

Is a diamondback bmx good?

I recentley got a Diamond Back Joker bike and I like it. It has a nice weight and it is good for medium-sized riders hoping to advance a little more in the BMX world. I recomend this bike to whoever is medium-sized and ready to advance in their skills.

Is the diamondback option 2012 a good bike for a 10 year old bmx virgin?

Don't suggest you start riding at 10 years old, but in general yes a Diamondback is a very good model.

Are easturn bmx bikes good?

Yes! They are the BEST brand of bike but more good brands are haro, mongoose, and diamondback.

Which BMX bike would be a good choice from the winstanleys online shop?

The Diamondback Joker bmx bike is currently one of the highest rated bikes on the site. It is said to offer an excellent blend of performance and pricing.

Is the diamondback grind better than mongoose spin bmx bike?

Yes...the grind is in the lower class of the Diamondbacks.but it is better then the Goose Spin.

Where can one purchase a 24 inch BMX?

One can purchase a 24 inch BMX bike from Amazon and the Bicycle Warehouse website has a buyers guide on choosing the right bike for ones needs. Amazon has a 24 inch BMX Diamondback Nitrus on sale for $299.99 in red with DB sound alloy platform pedals.

Can you put pegs on a 2009 diamondback viper?

Yes, pegs can be put on any BMX Bike. You will need a socket wrench to put pegs on certain bikes how ever.