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Not sure what you mean by compression in soccer. Compression of what?

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Q: How is compression in soccer?
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Can you play soccer with syringomyelia?

No, people with syringomyelia should avoid doing anything which can cause them spinal trauma EG running.With surgical compression, there might be a possibility of playing soccer.

What does a compression program do?

what does a compression program do? what does a compression program do?

In a compression wave the amount of compression is like the what of a transverse wave?

The amount of compression of a compression wave is like the amplitude of a transverse wave.

What is a critical compression ratio?

The lowest compression ratio of a compression-ignition engine that allows a specific fuel to be ignited by compression ignition.

Is compression necessary for spark?

No you don't need compression to get spark but you do need compression for it to run.

The Himalayas were formed as a result of what?

compression (:compression (:

How do you spell compression?

Compression is the correct spelling.

How do you measure compression wavelength?

It is the distance between two points of maximum compression (or minimum compression).

Can low compression affect timing?

No. Low compression does not effect timing but timing can affect compression.

Should soccer players wear a jock strap?

Given how far and long they run during a game, it's a good idea for soccer players to wear something that will support the testicles. That can be a jockstrap, some compression shorts, good-fitting briefs, etc., depending on the guy.

Why is there no compression on a 2 stroke engine?

There is no separate compression stroke on a 2 stroke engine, but there is compression - the intake and compression take place on the same staroke, the intake on the first part and compression on the later part.

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What is nether compression?

Nether compression is a type of compression in which dynamic ether is pushed toward a great number of vorticles. Nether compression was first identified in 1887.

What are the principles of data compression?

There are some basic principles of data compression. They include advantages, disadvantages, and the history of compression. Types of compression include BZip2 and LZMA.

Why should I buy a shin splint compression sleeve?

Well my sister had a shin splint and she should have used this compression sleeve because it would have helped alot more she had something that kept popping out and she had a knot in her leg and it was painful for her and you only where this when you are engaging in physical actvity ex. Running, soccer, Phys. Ed.

What is mean compression ratio of 71?

It means that before the compression, the volume is 71 times larger than after the compression.

What is compression of the dural sac?

What is compression of the ventral dural sac?

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An earthquake can be caused by compression.

It is compression corresponds to the trough of a transverse in a sound wave?


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What is the compression on a 420 Honda rancher?

Compression: 9.9:1