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Carmelo Anthony is important to the NBA. Because they are going to need someone to make defender's heart rage with fear just like Kobe. Also too make the campaign for MVP harder.

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Q: How is carmelo Anthony important to NBA?
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Why is Carmelo Anthony important?

He is young and is a very good player in the NBA.

What college did NBA player Carmelo Anthony play for?

NBA player Carmelo Anthony played for Syracuse.

Who is 25 in the NBA?

Carmelo Anthony

What is Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony is a small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA.

Who uses Number 15 in nba?

Vince carter and carmelo Anthony Vince carter and carmelo Anthony Vince carter and carmelo Anthony

What NBA team does Carmelo Anthony play for?

Carmelo Anthony plays for the New York Knicks.

Who was the most handsome NBA player?

carmelo anthony

Who is Carmelo Anthony's cousin in the nba?

Its Zachariah Cerrelo

Who led the NBA in scoring in 2006?

Carmelo Anthony

What is NBA carmelo anthony's vertical leap?


What year did Carmelo Anthony enter the NBA?


Who is Kobe's friends that play NBA?

Carmelo Anthony

Is carmelo Anthony in a gang?

Carmelo Anthony is a NBA player and he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is not affiliated with a gang.

What year did carmelo Anthony get drafted?

Carmelo Anthony was the 3rd overall draft pick in the 2003 NBA Draft

Who is the best basketball player in the nba today?

Carmelo Anthony

Which NBA player goes by the nickname Melo?

Carmelo Anthony

Why did Carmelo Anthony go to college?

to be a nba player and syracuse

What NBA player was not drafted out of high school?

Carmelo Anthony

Who was the third pick in the 2003 NBA Draft?

Carmelo Anthony

Who is the best NBA player on the Denver Nuggets?

Carmelo Anthony.

What NBA players were born in May?

I know Carmelo Anthony was

How many nba buzzer beaters does carmelo Anthony have?


Did Carmelo Anthony go to college?

to be a nba player and syracuse

How long has Carmelo Anthony been playing in the NBA?

Carmelo has been in the NBA for 5 seasons (2003-04 through 2007-08).

Who is the best player on the NBA Denver Nuggets team?

Carmelo Anthony