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The points are only announced at the end of the match.

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Q: How is boxing different from other sports?
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Why is boxing different from other sports?

Because in boxing you have gloves and Boxing is more aggressive.

How was ancient boxing different from today's sports?

they used boxing not as a sport but as a weapon and they used it to fight other people. it wasn't a game back then.

What types of sports did the Romans do?

The Romans mainly did sports like boxing and other fighting games.

How does personality effect performance in sports?

the better you are at other things like drawing and boxing the better you will be at sports

How many different sports are in the game Wii Sports by Nintendo?

There are five different sports in the game Wii Sports. Those sports are tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. This game was followed by the sequel Wii Sports Resort, which has twelve different sports games.

Is there boxing on the Wii fit?

there isn't boxing there is rythm boxing. there is boxing on wii sports though

What other sports did Frank Bruno play?

His Wikipedia profile makes no indication of any participation in any sports other than boxing.

Did axum have sports?


What sports did Hayes had?


What is a bantamweight?

A bantamweight is a weight in boxing and other sports between flyweight and featherweight - in boxing this ranges between 112 and 118 pounds.

Debate in favor of blood sports?

Tradition for Europe and other places and plus for the economy for sports like boxing and mma

Why violence in sports is okay?

Violence is only ok in sports with physical contact with other people such as football boxing etc.

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