How is ballet today?

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Ballet is so pretty i would know i do jazz hiphop and tap and ballet!! its fun and i can teach anyone skill and grace!!

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Q: How is ballet today?
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Related questions

How is ballet used for today?

Ballet is used, how ballet is used!

Is ballet dance still practiced today?

Yes, ballet is still practiced today.

What is ballet used for today?

Ballet is still popular. Many people still do ballet, and others enjoy watching.

Where does the word ballet originate?

Ballet was originated many years ago. Most of the steps in ballet today are said in french, so I would say that ballet is french.

Where did ballet first occour?

Ballet (basically) in Italy, but started to evolve into the ballet we know today in the courts of King Louis the 14th of France.

Is Les Patineurs ballet still being danced today?

Yes, this season alone Les Patineurs is in the rep of The Sarasota Ballet and the Houston Ballet.

What has the author Nico Charisse written?

Nico Charisse has written: 'Ballet for today' -- subject(s): Ballet dancing

Why is ballet preformed today?

Ballet is classic! Its a beautiful dance that is timeless, ballet is a type of dance that has basic proper moves but those moves can be used in a more modern way. Ballet styles change with the period.

How popular is Ballet in today's society?

it is viewed asv high class

What is the most popular dance in America today?

Hip Hop or ballet

When and where did ballet first originate?

Ballet first orginated in Italy around the 18th century but it was nothing like what we know as ballet today. the ladies wore big gowns and the shoes had heels on them :)

When did ballet come to Britain?

Enrico Cecchetti and his wife opened a ballet school in London in 1918. This helped establish Ballet in Britain. Dame Marie Rambert a former student of the Cecchetti founded the Ballet Club, the UK's first ballet troop that still exist today.

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