How is archery played?

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Archery is not a game, and therefore is not played. It is generally an activity that requires its participants to shoot arrows at multiple targets.

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Q: How is archery played?
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Is archery 'played' or 'practised'?

Archery is practised but not played, you shot archery you don't play archer

Where archery is usually played?

I play archery in a field

How was archery played in the middle ages?

Archery was first used for hunting and combat.

Where is archery played?

While plenty of sports are played on a court or field, archery is played on a range. It is often where the deer and the antelope play, but they are often evacuated before a tournament.

Where can archery be played?

Archery can be "played" in almost any field (archery isn't really "played", as with football or baseball, though; archery is "done"), but it is usually done at what is called an archery range. A range is where a series of targets are set up at various distances from the archer, and all the archers using the range shoot from the same place (or line). This way, one archer will not be shooting while another archer is in front of him/her, eliminating the possibility of someone being shot with an arrow. Ranges can be set up both outdoors and a in building, so that archery can be done year-round.

Where is archery usually played?

Archery is normally practiced, as a Competition Sport, on an archery range. Although an archery range can sometimes be located in the center area of a running track (that circular track used for running sports) at the local high-school or college, many archery ranges are located in archery stores (perfect for winter-time archery) and parks, the ranges located in parks are usually for the use of the general Public, free of charge. There are even ranges which are built separate from other sport fields and arenas.

When is archery usually played?

It can be played in every season, although most people usually play it in winter

Where is the archery being played?

There are 204 country's in the loan Olympics 2012

Where were sports played in the middle ages?

jousting, archery, javelin throwing

How has archery played a big job in world history?

It was used for hunting

What countries is archery played?

india,u.s.a., china and other places

List three games they played in Elizabethan?

Tennis, bowling, archery.

What sports were played in Shakespeare times?

jousting, archery, and hunting with falcons...

What was archery like in the Elizabethan times?

Archery was very popular during this era. The most skilled archers would win prizes. This was an individual sport played by men of all classes. It was also played by pregnant women. It was said that the roar of the crowd at the archery arena would ensure her unborn son to become a skillful archer.

How was archery played?

well , you get i lollie pop and tjhen you eat it with you mouth (: (: hahahaha !!

How many people are needed tp play archery?

Depending on the activity played in archery, you can have up to several hundred people doing the same archery activity at once. However, most archery activities (such as target shooting, popinjay, splitting the wand etc) only actually need one shooter, assuming no degree of competition is desired.

What sports were played during shakespeare' s time?

Hunting with Falcons, Jousting, and Archery.

What Sports are played in Yabusame?

Archery and Horseback riding (which may also be known as Equestrian)

Why is archery a sport but darts is not?

i think because archery was played by knights to help them practise aiming many years ago so mabey they classed it as a sport. darts though i think its because not many people play it or mabey they class darts as a form of archery.

What are the Olympic Games played?

i think the olympic games that are going to be played in Beijing are soccer archery cricked swimming and a few more

How many player is needed for archery?

Do you even understand what archery is?Archery is not a team sport.

What are the types of archery?

Target Archery, Field Archery (UK - Bow Hunting in the USA), Flight Archery, Clout Archery and Popinjay. Refer GNAS Rules of shooting for full explanation.

What is sky archery?

sky archery was a brand of archery like a sky conquest

Arrangement for rings in an archery target?

Concentric this is for the P.E. Packet of archery

Why is archery called archery?

Archery comes from Latin arcus. ☻