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Hell yeah ... Aussie probably has many more skills involved, overall, than in the Rugby codes...

But I found rugby union far friendlier, and has a strict intenational code.

This is a difficult question to answer as it comes down to opinion. Some things to draw your own conclusions on may include..

How enjoyable/challenging/complex/rewarding is it to play?

How enjoyable/challenging/complex/rewarding it is to watch (live/telecast)?

Comparative skill required/shown

Comparative strength required/shown

Comparative athletic ability required/shown

Comparative sportsmanship required/demonstrated

Influence of adjudicator on outcome

other extraneous influencing factors may include..

Tradition of respective clubs

Participation rate and respect in community

Impact on community/society and culture

Level of professionalism

Both have their strengths, yet to me (who appreciates both games) there is a clear winner. Make sure you do your research on this one.

There is one other Highly important Consideration:


Australian football, on the other hand, is, primarily, that - Australian.

Sure, there are some island nations showing some interest, but in most larger nations, it is mainly ex-patriots that are engaging the game: other O/S interests are very small.

So if you want to compete internationally, one of the rugby codes might be your port of call ... provided, of course, that you have or develop the performance capacity and love for rugby that you may show for Aussie Rules. Otherwise, having made your choice, you may not stick to it when the going gets tough.


I'd say NRL, but many will say AFL.

- Rugby League (NRL) funds millions to junior clubs and rep teams, so young players can have a better future in the Rugby League, AFL just concertrates about their national team

- Rugby League is the most viewed sport on TV in Europe and Asia, and Rugby league stands strong of Australia's second most popular sport.

- Rugby Leagues merchandise such as jeserys and anything that has to do with NRL clubs logos, are sold 300% more than AFL.

- Sydney and Queensland are the strongest Rugby League fans in the whole of Australia which also is the two states with the highest popular, Queensland is third after Melboure.

- State of Origin draws millions of people to watch two rival states take on each other, and over sea's have a good joy of watching it as well. State of Origin (Rugby League) is the first sport in the world to have it on TV in 3D.

- NRL helps many countries that are developing in Rugby League such as our Pacfic neighbours such as Fiji, Cook islands and PNG.

- Afl does not have any international clash with countries, just recently they started AFL in China, Australia Rugby League team has been in the Four nations (England, Aus, NZ, PNG), South East RL (China, Korea, AUS, NZ), and of couse the world cup which draws many countries.

- NRL players have spent more than 22,000 hours in the community, providing games and training to children who canno't get access to rugby league and the distance to the rest of society is great (mainly aboringal children)

I do not have a problem with AFL, it is a very tough sport, and it is the most popular Australia's sport.

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NRL is better than afl

why.. in afl u kick a ball

Rugby League

U kick u takle u try and much much more

A Rugby League

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By football I'm assuming your talking about the NFL. If so,yes, the NFL is better than the AFL. But both leagues have similarities and differences. The similarities are that they both have an objective; Get the ball in the End Zone or through the Upright(Goalposts but only by kicking it), Stop the opposing offence from scoring, Try to force fumbles, and both play on Football fields but the AFL is played indoors. The differences are; Rules(the linemen have a restricted zone in the AFL and as well as the Defensive Linemen, which means they cannot cross but it will be a penalty) in the NFL any player can sack the QB(Quarterback, but within a second of the QB releasing the ball or a penalty for roughing the passer would be called) Field; AFL plays indoors on a 50 yard (length) and the (width) is much smaller than the NFL. The NFL plays on a 100 yard field but if you count the end zone it's 110 yards. But the players are in drafted players from college who didn't make it too the NFL and also the CFL. (Canadian Football League) So yes the NFL is better than the AFL

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Afl is kind ov like the minors NFL is more pro.

unless your talking about the Australian Football League. then the answer is extremally different.

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Q: How is an AFL football different from an NFL football?
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Well im not sure how, but NFL stands for National Football League. There used to be the AFL (American Football League) but the NFL and AFL merged.

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They were in a league called the All-America Football Conference prior to joining the NFL. After the AFL/NFL merger, they were placed into the American Football Conference.

When did the American football league and the national football league merge?

The NFL and AFL merged in 1970.

Did the old AFL use a different size football than the old NFL?

Yes. It had a smaller circumference, making it easier to pass.

What was the name before NFL?

The NFL used to be called the APFA (American Professional Football Association) It was changed in 1922 to the NFL

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The NFL has 2 conferences. The NFC (national football conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) The AFC was created after the AFL (American Football league) disbanded and converged into the NFL in 1970

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Billy Slater plays NFL not AFL

What was football called before NFL?

The AFL ANSWER: Well, the sport itself has always been known as football, which is a reflection of its origins as a kicking-oriented sport on U.S. college campuses in the mid-19th century. If you're talking about the names of leagues and organizations, there have been lots over the years. The NFL was originally known as the American Professional Football Association before changing its name in 1922. The AFL, or American Football League, was created as a rival to the NFL in 1960 and merged with the NFL in 1970.

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The American Football League (AFL) merged with the (NFL) after Super Bowl III in 1969. The most recent team to join the AFL was the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968. The American Football Conference (AFC) makes up half of the NFL, the other half being the National Football Conference (NFC). The most recent team to join the AFC was the Houston Texans in 2002.

How do they decide what pro football team goes to NFL or AFL?

It depends on the location and the current balance between the two different conferences. Plus whether a rivalry will (or become) applicable.

What does NFL and AFL stand for in football?

AFL stands for the Australian Football League.Or Austrian football league in soccerAlternate Answer:Um, I think the OP was referring to American football, and in that case, NFL stands for National Football League, and AFL could stand for two things: the American Football league (which was a separate football league until it merged with the NFL in 1970) or the Arena football league, which is a current indoor football league that plays on smaller fields than the NFL.