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Wrestlers may be chosen to become 'Champions' for many reasons. Good work in and around the ring, and an overall good work ethic. Although some decisions may be based on fans opinions. What must be remembered is that all decisions are those of the creative team of writers for any given company, E.G - WWE, TNA, ROH etc.

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The professional wrestlers aren't picked!
What they do is on a first episode of Wrestling they will put all the wrestlers in one match to fight for a title so who ever gets the first pin wins the championship but in other episodes there can be 4,3, or 2 man matches for the title and if the wrestler with the championship gets pinned he loses the championship but he can get a rematch.

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Q: How is a wrestler in WWE chosen to be a champion?
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Sure, every wrestler is popular in WWE especially if you are a former WWE Incontinental Champion and a former WWE Tag Team Champion.

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bruno sanmartino

Who is us champion of wrestling?

WWE wrestler is the united states champion since 2013 he still is in2014

What wrestler was the first fastest newcomer to win the WWE champion?

. Brock lesnar.

Is john Cena really a guy?

Yes, he is a wrestler on WWE Monday Night Raw and the current WWE Champion

Is Ghana a wrestler on WWE?

There is a wrestler from Ghana in WWE and his name is Kofi Kingston and he is currently on the SmackDown brand in a feud with Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler over the title.

What is the name of Pakistani WWE champion?

WWE never had a Pakistani born Wrestler (Sadly). Aamir Khan is a light weight boxing world champion is a Bristish/Pakistani.

Triple H Information?

Triple H is a body-builder, and wrestler. He is currently employed at WWE. He is the current WWE Champion. He is known for being a 12 Time World Champion.

What are some of the biggest accomplishments of Randy Orton in the WWE?

Randy Orton is a professional wrestler with the WWE. In his career so far he has been WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion and 2009 Royal Rumble Match Winner.

Who is the world champion wrestler who is 13 years old?

no one in wwe is 13 yrs old

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she is an African American wrestler who wrestles in WWE as Alicia fox and she is a one time divas champion and OVW woman's champion :)

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Candice Michelle is a one time Women's Champion in the WWE. She left the WWE in the year 2009. She hasn't been a professional wrestler after that. She has pursued her modelling career after leaving the WWE.