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Q: How is a pine needle and a maple leaf alike?
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Which can get more sunlight- a maple leaf or a pine needle?

A pine needle. Because the pine needle has a waxy outside so it keeps all the moisturized stuff inside ( such as water).

How is a pine needle like a maple leaf?

both store food

Is a pine needle like a maple leaf?

both store food

Is a pine needle a dicot or monocot?

Besides the visual differences, pine needles remain attached to the branch for several years while maples shed their leaves every fall. A pine needle also has its vascular tissue running down the middle, compared to the vascular network in a maple leaf. Pine needles grow in bunches of 2-6 and maple leaves grow singly on opposite sides of the stem from each other.

What kind of leaf does a have?

a gymnosperm leaf pine needle

What is a Leaf of a pine tree?


What is a 6 letter word for a pine tree leaf?


How is a pine needle different from a maple leaf?

They are needles, not leaves. ---An Answer-- Actually needles are leaves and they serve the same purpose. The only real difference in the two are their physical appearance and the the types of trees that produce them. Leafy tress are referred to as "Deciduous" and will lose their leave in the fall of the year when the weather turn cooler. Tress that produce needles are referred to as "Evergreen" trees and they will retain their needle like leaves year round.

Is a pine leaf coniferous or deciduous?

i dont think there is such thing as a pine leaf. its called a pine needle and yes its coniferousC2439BBD-468B-2B11-F32B-9F08029D81BD 1.03.01

How does surface of a leaf feels?

It varies. A green maple leaf can feel soft and smooth, whereas an orange or red autumn maple leaf can feel rough and crunchy (when it breaks in your hand). Conversely, a pine needle (which is also a leaf!) can feel prickly. And so on and so forth.

What kind of leaf does a gymnosperm have?

Both types are present in one or the other plant

Which trees are needle leaf tree?

No, they do not. Deciduous trees such as Sugar Maple trees have leaves that fall off in winter. Conifers (evergreens) such as the ponderosa pine have needles and reproduce via cones.