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Q: How is a hockey game re-stared after someone uses the wrong side of the stick?
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What side is the wrong side of the stick in hockey?

the chubby one

What is a try in hockey?

There is no such thing as a try in hockey. You have the wrong sport.

What is the best hockey stick make?

Hockey sticks don't have a best make. It depends on what position you are, your style and how comfortable you feel with the stick. Without these factors you may not be playing the game to your full potential. It is better to ignore the make of stick; rather, focus on how you feel about the stick, whether it is too heavy, the right/wrong shape, if you can hit well with it, etc. There are many brands and it is best to try all that you can before making a decision.

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Yes because you're touching someone's germs. This could be wrong but try this.

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yes, it is wrong.

Who is Britain's femail center midfield hockey player?

you spelt "female" wrong

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To be honest, i don't think there ARE any dangerous stick insects. Although... i could be wrong... To be honest, i don't think there ARE any dangerous stick insects. Although... i could be wrong...

What league are the Sheffield Pittsburgh Steelers in?

That's the wrong sport - they're an ice hockey team. The Sheffield Steelers are a British ice hockey club. They are currently members of the Elite Ice Hockey League.

What are the best us cities for youth hockey?

Any city in Minnesota, the entire state is a hockey hotbed. You can't go wrong with any of the youth hockey associations in the Twin Cities especially Minnetonka and Edina

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It'd be the wrong thing to use. Pucks are for Hockey, not Soccer.