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its like a cell beacuse thy all try to work together and im only 9 and i know it

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Q: How is a football team like a cell?
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How is a plant cell like an analogy to a football team?

In a plant cell, there are different organelles doing different things. On a football team, different players do different things. For example, the DNA in the cell is located in the nucleolus, and it gives direction to the other organelles. The coach on a football team is located on the sidelines, and he gives direction to the players.

How does a football team relate to a cell?

A football team relates to a cell because all the cell parts (organelles) have their own roles and together they "play" as a "team." If one player (or organelle) gets off track- it can affect the whole cell or team.

How is an animal cell compared to a football team?

An animal cell is compared to a football team because there are many parts that work together. Each part has a different job.

On a football team what represents the nucleolus of a plant cell?

The Referee.

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How do you Compare a plant cell to football team?

well, their are scientific facts so i am guessing, it is an athlete to a cell

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How do you compare human organelles to a football team?

The organelles in human cells work togethar as a team. They take nutrients and carbohydrates and kick them around like footballs. Sometimes there are viruses that infect human cells, and they are like the opposing team. The good organelles have to run to the inzone with the footballs to secure the cell and keep it healthy. The organelles are aranged in patterns inside the cell, much like a team on the field, and some organelles lock together to create a membrane that protects the cell from advancing enemy football players.

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How would you compare an animal cell and a football team?

well its easy just search up animal cell

What would a chloroplast be in a football team for my cell project?

The chloroplast in a football team would be the cook that's outside the stadium selling the food to the audience. Hope it helped! :)

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