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the American football game is started with a coin toss then a kickoff

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Q: How is a football game started?
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Were did football started first started?

If your are talking about football (soccer), It first started in Brazil. If your talking about football (football), It first started in Ancient Greece. But if you mean in our time (sort of), then the first football game was played in 1869. Then more and more colleges started playing football 'till it became a sport.

Where was first football game started?

from egypt

The first thanksgiving football game started in what year?


How did the Arena Football League get its start?

The Arena Football League was first started from an idea of an indoor football game. The first game was played in 1987. The first test game was played in Rockford Illinois.

Who started football game?

Walter Camp! Derived from the English game of rugby, American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University.

Who started flag football?

Flag football was first started by the US military in the 1940s. In the 1950s, recreational leagues were started by some of the same people who played the game while in the service.

When was football started?

Derived from the English game of rugby, American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University.

How is a game of football started?

a pass between the two centre players

When was football started as a palying game?

if you are talking about american football it was started in the 1880s 1890s and it was a very crude version of the game we play today there were no forward passes and almost anything was legal except for eye gouging

Where did college football start?

It started at Rutgers University in 1869 when they played Princeton in the first ever football game

The first Thanksgiving Football game was started in 1934 by what team?

Detroit Lions

The first thanksgiving football game was started in 1934 by which team?

Detroit Lions

How is the football game originally started?

it was probably a scramble for the ball like in the XFL.

How football is started?

Football (soccer) is started when all the players are on the pitch and a coin has been tossed to decide which team kicks off, the ref will blow his whistle to start the game.

Who Started the BCS Game?

Roy Kramer is considered to have started it. He was the former commissioner of the SEC(the football conference and not the government organization).

Who started football and when did they start it?

khjkhykthe first game was august 31 1895 and it was in pensilvania

Has a football game ever started with a score of 2 to 2?

this generally happens when there is an aggrogate game for example a cup final

What football team started the first thanksgiving football game?

The tradition started in 1902. In this time there were only three teams in the NFL. Two of the teams were based in Philadelphia, while the third was based in Pittsburgh.

How did softball start?

Started when a group of Harvard and Yale students were watching a football game in TV

Can you write a sentence using the word a wet afternoon?

The football game started in a wet afternoon.

How was the game of flag football started?

Flag football was started as a way to practice tackle football without the tackling. It became popular during World War II as a way for military personnel to get exercise and have fun without the dangers of tackling. Click on the 'Flag Football' link on this page to go to the Flag Football website to learn more.

When did the Cowboys and the Lions begin hosting the Thanksgiving football game?

The tradition started in 1970. Thanksgiving Football games have be be going on way before that, but it was random which teams played. The tradition that the Lions and Coyboys ALWAYS play on Thanksgiving was started in 1970. In 2006, another random game was added. No certain team has to play in that game.

When was Gaelic football brought to Ireland?

Gaelic Football was never brought to Ireland. It started in Ireland. Records of matches resembling the modern game go back to the 1600s.

How did football started?

i think it was bc maybe some one got bored and tried to start a new game.

Use the word restless in a sentence?

I felt restless, when the football game started without the captain on our team.

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