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When a fencer crosses the rear boundary of a Fencing strip, his opponent will receive a point. This is the equivalent of receiving a red card.

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Q: How is a fencer penalized for crossing the rear limit of the strip with both feet?
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How is a fencer penalized for crossing the lateral limit of the strip with both feet?

Should a fencer step off the end of the strip, his/her opponent immediately gains one point and the touch resets at the en guard lines.

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What are the major rules for modern olympic fencing?

The answer varies slightly depending on the weapon being used. (Both fencers will use the same type of weapon) Common Rules: All safety and scoring equipment must be tested prior to the event. Scoring is accomplished by achieving a touch on the opponent's target area during the action of a bout. The director will start and stop (or halt) the bout. No one may score after a halt. A pool bout is to 5 touches or 3 minutes. An elimination bout (or DE) is to a score of 15 touches, or 9 minutes. There is no tie, a one minute sudden death over time will be used if needed. This is called "Fencing to priority." A bout begins with a salute and ends with a shaking of (un-weaponed) hands. The bout takes place on the fencing strip. Stepping off the strip will halt the bout and, in the case of stepping off the end of the strip, a touch will be awarded to the other fencer. Foil and saber: A fencer must have the right-of-way as well as be on target for a touch be be scored. Only one fencer can score at a time. Epee: There is no right-of-way and both fencers may score a touch at the same time. The target area is inclusive of the entire body so there is no off target so long as the touch is on the fencer.

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How is fencing played?

Fencing is a competition between two individuals with swords, performed on a 14 meter long strip. Upon hitting the valid target area with the appropriate part of one's weapon within the proper right-of-way rules, a fencer can score a touch. Typical bouts go to five touches.

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