How is a block hit?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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When you jump up on the net and block the hit.

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Q: How is a block hit?
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How do you hit the a block with the shell?

You just have to hit it!!

What is the opposite of block?

The opposite of "block" as in impede is to unblock, or allow. The opposite of block (defensive move) is to hit (offensive move).

How do you get out of the locked door after you get the hand pixel on super paper Mario?

get the block and hit the button with the block you got

Can you hit your own stone in curling?

yep, you can block also!

In spore hero arena how do you find spelunks champion?

go to the 2nd room. the stay to the left side and walk. hit the stone blocks by the river in this order: 2,4,3,1. in other words, hit the 2nd block from the left, then the last block on the right, then the 2nd block from the right, then the last block on the left.

How do you get the invisibility cap in dire dire docks?

Be luigi and hit the ? block.

What is meant by 'fitting to hit the block'?

"fitting to hit the block" likely means a situation where someone's actions or behavior indicate that they are likely to encounter obstacles or challenges in their endeavors. It suggests that the person is setting themselves up for difficulty or failure.

What was New Kids on the Block first UK hit single?


What are the five service in volleyball?

serve, pass, set, hit, block

How do you beat lvl 9 of Vampire physics?

Hit the far left block to knock out the priest. Then drop the boy on the left side. Next drop the vampire. Then hit the block on the far right to let the boy go and hit the vampire. Level beaten.

How do you end cyber bullying?

Most of the time you can hit the ignore button and block them. You can even turn them in on the site you are on. They will get there IM number and can block them that way.

What was harriet Tubmans injury?

she got hit in the head with a two pound block