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A Badminton match is won when a player wins a number of sets. The format of the game and the number of sets depends on the type of match, the organizers and if it's women and men, or doubles or singles playing.

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Q: How is a badminton match won?
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Which country won the bronze medal in mixed doubles badminton at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

China won the bronze medal in the Mixed Doubles Badminton Match at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

What is the match point in badminton?

one set is made up of 3 matches and a badminton match is out of 15. Good Luck on winning your match !

How does a badminton match start?

how does a badminton mach restart after a stoppage by an offcial

How do you officiate a badminton match?

By playing

What is a match in badminton?

A match in badminton is a game up to fifteen points. Matches make up sets and usually, in badminton, one set is made up of three matches. Each match has fifteen games.

What is a match point in badminton?

the point is that if you don't like Tennis you play badminton

What is the Match Referee in badminton called?

The match referee in badminton is called the umpire. There are 8 other linesmen for making line calls.

How many games are there in a badminton match?


How long is a badminton match?

About 45 Minutes.

What is the best of three games in badminton?

its a match

How many sets are there in a badminton match?

hey ;)

How many sets are in a badminton match?

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How many point do you need to win a women singles match in badminton?

You need to have 21 points to win the women singles badminton match.

Who won the bronze medal in mixed doubles badminton at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The bronze medals in the Mixed Doubles Badminton Match at the Rio 2016 Olympics were given to Nan Zhang and Yunlei Zhao.

When was the longest badminton match?

the match between peter rasmussen of denmark and sun jun of china is the longest in badminton history.its duration is 124 mins.

How long are the breaks in a badminton match?

8 mins

What age can you umpire a badminton match?

any age

What is the venue of yog badminton at?

Depends on which match. Singapore Indoor Stadium for the first match.

Is an umpire the name of the person who controls a badminton match?


What does a badminton umpire do before a match?

he checks the lining of the court.

How many times has Mark Todd won Badminton?

Mark Todd has won Badminton Horse Trials four times! I cant believe it!

Which badminton player won the bronze medal at the world badminton championship in 2013?

Andy Murray

Can you have a second serve in a badminton match?

No. If the service is faulted, the point is given to the other team. You are allowed 1 serve in badminton.

What is the normal length of a badminton match?

The match length is determined by score, not time. A typical amateur match is about 15 to 30 minutes.

The point which if won allows the server to win the game in badminton is called?

I'd assume "Match Point". Some say "Point serving x", point meaning you're about to win. Or "Match Point serving x".