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the U.S. has more and more better players in the teams then college schools have. Because college schools have students that are more under pressure and some players on the college teams are not as smart as the u.s. Teams.

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Q: How is a US team different from a college team?
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How can you get your son into a soccer team in US?

The USA soccer team is some what similar to a college team, process wise. They do both recruitment and they also have tryouts for their other strings. They recruit off of college teams and other minor leagues, but mostly college.

What is the number 1 college team in the US?

University Of Texas At Austin GO LONGHORNS

Are the Oklahoma sooners a college team?

Yes they are a college football team.

What is the worst college team?

Army is the worst college football team!

Did Mia Hamm play soccer with the US right after college?

Mia Hamm joined the US national team at age 15. She attended college at the University of North Carolina.

What year did thomas martin of Boston college play on the US olympic hockey team?


Can you be signed to a euroleague team after college?

You can be signed to a euroleague team before college.

How many times was Michael Jordan on Team US?

Twice! First as a college player, next is with the Dream Team. He didn't accept further invitations to play for US team to give chance on younger players. ****JUMPMAN33****

Which player on the 1992 US Olympic men's basketball team came straight from college?

Christian Laettner

What do you have to do to make a college hockey team?

play hockey. goto college. make the team. do your best. play for team

What is Westwood College's team mascot?

Westwood College does not have a sports team, nor does it have a mascot.

What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in college?

Wayne Gretzky did not play in college. He played for a few different teams in juniors in Canada before the WHA/NHL.

When is the college baseball season?

It is different for different levels. For example a Community College team sometimes starts in late February while 4 year schools usually start in March. The season goes as long as a team is in playoffs which could last until the end of June.

Why is there a girl with a different uniform on a college volleyball team?

She is the Libero (sp?) She plays only plays back row.

What college has a good college team?

it is dum in wales

Does every state have a college football team?

49 do, Alaska doesn't have a college football team

What college football team has beat the same college football team the most?

University of Florida

What college team has red and green colors?

no college team has those colors.

Does the electoral college have a football team?

It does not have a football team. It is not an academic college with students and lecturers and a campus.

Could the best team in college beat the worst team in the NFL?

There is not a chance in the whole world that the best college team beat the worst NFL team!

When has a college football team ever played a pro football team?

Never has happened. The NFL and College Football are 2 different leagues besically, they will never play each other due to expierence problems and scheduling confrontations.

Why does one player on volleyball team wear a different color shirt?

The person with the different colored shirt is usually the best defensive player on the team, and us called the libero.

What is the rpi of 1 college team and 25 college team in basketball now?

High RPI is better

Does Boston college have a lacrosse team?

Boston college does in fact have a girl's lacrosse team, but is lacking a men's.

What can adding a football team do for a division 3 college?

it can give a college a division 3 football team