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They are calculated into his Earned Run Average as earned runs, unless something happened in the inning to make them unearned runs.

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Q: How is ERA calculated if the pitcher walks the only two batters he faces and they both score?
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It was in a major league baseball game that a pitcher faces only 27 batters Every batter he face he struck out He allowed no hits and no runs His team lost 4-0 How could this be possible?

the game was tied after 9 innings. 0-0 A relief pitcher came in in the 10th inning. The team scored 4 runs before the pitchers team could score.

What does p in baseball box score mean?

The position "p" is for pitcher.

What does AB and BF stand for in Baseball box score for pitching?

Usually AB is an offensive stat which stands for At Bat, meaning who is batting at the current moment. BF usually stands for Batters Faced, used as a pitching stat next to how many batters that pitcher struck out (Batters faced is not used in computing a pitcher's ERA, or Earned Run Average. See

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What does the 'W' stand for in the pitcher's box score in baseball?


Who is charged with the batters left on base?

All statistics regarding hits, walks, etc., would go against the pitcher who put him on base. I didn't know there was an official statistic for Left On Base, but if there is, it would probably be credited to the final pitcher of the inning. The Left on Base statistic is not credited to any particular player or pitcher, but is a team statistic found in the official box score of the game.

If a starting pitcher is taken out of a game in the 6 inning with the score 12 - 4 and the final score ends 20 - 15 does the starting pitcher get the win or no decision?

If the other team did not tie the score or go ahead after the starting pitcher was taken out of the game, the starter would get the win. If the other team did tie the score or go ahead after the starter was taken out, the starter would get a no decision.

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What is the fewest possible outs in a nine inning baseball game?

The home team would have to win the game. The home pitcher would face 27 batters and get 27 outs and the visiting pitcher would face 25 batters, getting 24 outs and allowing 1 to score somewhere between the first inning and the eighth inning. That would be 52 batters minimum for a 9 inning, 1-0 game.

Does a hitter get a RBI if the pitcher throws a wild pitch allowing a run to score?


If im winning 4-0 in the 9th inning can you get a save?

According to the MLB Official Rule Book, a pitcher is credited with a save when 1) the pitcher is the last pitcher the team uses and 2) the pitcher is not credited with the win and 3) one of the following three conditions apply ....A) the pitcher enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one inning or ....B) the pitcher enters the game with the potentional tying run on base, at bat, or on deck or ....C) the pitcher pitches at least three effective innings regardless of what the score was when they entered the game In MLB, since a save is awarded if the finishing pitcher enters the game with the tying run being at bat or on deck, it would be possible to be credited with a save when entering a game in the ninth inning with the score 4-0. If the pitcher enters the game at the beginning of the ninth inning of a 4-0 game a save cannot be credited. Rules 1 and 2 above would be satisfied but Rule 3 would not. But if the pitcher enters the game with the bases loaded and the score 4-0, a save can be awarded since the first batter the pitcher faces is the potential tying run.

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