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It depends on your height.

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Q: How high will a basketball bounce when dropped from above your head if it has 5 pounds of pressure?
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How high does a basketball bounce when dropped from 5 feet with only 5 pounds of air?

2 meters

What will be the height of a basketballs bounce if it weighs 6 pounds?

Height of bounce will not depend on the mass at all. It depends on the elasticity of the ball and the height where from it is dropped.

How does air pressure afftect the bounce of a basketball?

Pressure in a basketball is 2 sided. First you want the ball to react well when you bounce it so you do not become fatigued bouncing the ball. Second, you want the ball to be less reactive at the rim so it will stay there longer and perhaps fall in. The normal inflation pressure is from 7 to 9 pounds. Exceeding the pressure will cause the ball to loose its shape and fail prematurely; be less playable.

What pressure do you inflate a basketball to?

NBA rules state a basketball's air pressure should be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds.

Which bounces higher a basketball or a volley ball?

I have not actually tried this, but would I bet on the basketball. I am pretty sure that regulation basketball are inflated with several more pounds of pressure , and basketballs need to be able to bounce appropriately, since the dribble is an important part of the game. Volleyballs need to be soft .

What is the suitable air pressure in a basketball?

NBA regulation requires to be 7.5 to 8.5 pounds in air pressure.:)

How much pressure must be in an NBA basketball?

The proper pressure for an NBA basketball is between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds. Make sure to send me half the bagel!. Jose

What is the proper size for a basketball?

According to NBA rules the basketball will be 29.5 to 30 inches in circumference and have a pressure of 7.5 to 8.5 pounds.

How many pounds is Batista?

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How much does a basketball weigh in pounds?

10 pounds

What rhymes with renounce?

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How many pounds of pressure does it take to break your knee?

it takes about 30 pounds of pressure

How many pounds of pressure is exerted in a bite from rottweiler?

180 pounds is the bit pressure

How many pounds of pressure does it take to break your elbow?

8-12 pounds of pressure

How much air in a basketball?

37 pounds

What did the bomb weight that was dropped on hiroshima?

Almost 10,000 pounds.

How many pounds did the A-bomb dropped on hiroshima weigh?


What is meaning of pounds in pressure measurement?

lbs is pounds.

How many pounds of pressure you need to torque 3.4 heads?

You need six pounds of pressure to torque.

How many pounds of pressure to remove an ear?

It Takes 7 Pounds Of Pressure To Remove A Human Ear!

How many pounds of pressure does a macaw beak have?

3000 pounds of pressure they can snap a broom handle in half

How much air is put in a girls basketball?

No more than 9 pounds per square inch (psi). But enough so that it is not flat and can be bounced up to your waist if dropped from above your head with your hands extended.

How many pounds are a bar pressure?

pound is not a unit of pressure.

How heavy was the atom bomb dropped on hiroshima?

Around 10.000 pounds

How many PSI in one pound?

psi is a pressure and pound is a mass or weight. That is like apples and bananas. EDIT: I think the question refers to a basketball. For example, on my basketball it reads: "Inflate 7 to 9 LBS". This is very confusing indeed, with no mention of pressure. However, they actually mean, in this case, "LBS per square inch" - I don't know why it's not specified, but POUNDS in this case means POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH. Hooray for strange ways of specifying pressure!