How high will a NASCAR engine rev to?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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They rev out to around 9500, give or take a little bit depending on the car

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Q: How high will a NASCAR engine rev to?
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Why put rev-limiters on cars?

Rev limiters prevent damage to the engine caused by high revs.

Why does my Ford F150 engine rev real high for no reason?

because fords suck.

Why does the legend shut off at high rpm then kick back in as the car slows down?

Rev limiter to save the engine from blowing up. Rev limiter to save the engine from blowing up.

Youkon engine over heat and high rpm?

If the Yukon engine has high rpm while driving, check the transmission for slippage, that will cause the engine to over rev. The overheating could be caused by the high rpms.

How do you clutch wheelie?

its easy u just rev the engine as high as it goes and pop the clutch

Do constant high speeds damage the engine?

no not sincerely, if you are running the rev limiter than yes and quickly.

What rhymes with Dev?

Rev Like to rev an engine

What do you do if there is blow by in your valve covers?

dont rev the engine to much dont rev the engine to much

1998 gsxr run's good but when you give it all it has bike turns off?

Well if you are standing still and not riding down the road. An you rev the engine that high then it sounds like a rev limiter. Which is designed to protect the engine from the rider, when the "rider" does such silly things like missing a gear or seeing how high it will rev. Hope This Helped. you need to warm it up more.

How much horse power does a rev tech 88 engine make?

Mid to high 70's

Why cant i rev my car high in park. Its a 2014 accord coupe i4 and when i rev it in park it only goes up to 3-4000 rpm?

It has a rev limiter. It designed to keep the engine from over revving and doing damage.

Is nascar Toyota engine parts from Chevy engine?

No they are not, they are from the lexus V8 engine.