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It's high up there, but you might get to see some of the game.. but probably not.. lol

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Q: How high up is seat 24 in section 517 in panthers stadium?
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Where is level 104 row 30 seat 9 at gillette stadium?

Section 104, row 30, seat 9 at Gillette Stadium is on the east side of the stadium (Patriots side), 4 rows from the top of the section.

How do the seat numbers for Ohio stadium run?

The seat numbers at Ohio Stadium follow a very simple pattern. Seat number 1 will always be closest to lower numbered section adjacent to it. For example seat 1 in section 9A will be closest to section 7A, and the highest seat number in section 9A will be closest to section 11A.

How many rows of seat in dallas stadium section 411?

At least 30 rows.

Is row 29 in section 107 at gillette stadium under cover?

No, it is an open air seat.

What year would a Detroit Baseball Company's Briggs Stadium bleacher seat section 112 seat 058 price 55 cents be from?

Bleacher tickets cost 75 cents at Briggs Stadium in 1960, the last year before the stadium was renamed Tiger Stadium.

If it takes a fan 20 minutes to walk to her seat in the last section in the stadium and it takes 5 minutes to get to the lowest-level seats what is the average time to find a seat in these two section?


How can you find the price of stadium seats in the Yankee Stadium in New York City?

The price for stadium seats in the Yankee Stadium in New York varies greatly depending on what occasion the tickets are for. If one is interested in attending a baseball game at Yankee Stadium and pays an advanced price the lowest seat price is %55 to $70 in the main level green section. The highest price is in the Field MVP section with advanced pricing at between $250 and $300 per seat.

Which are the Orange seats at oriole stadium?

The orange seat in the bleachers (Section 96, Row D, Seat 23) It is the landing spot of HOF'er Eddie Murray's 500th HR.

Is there a site that shows actual seat locations by section and number for the new Yankee Stadium?

Click on the link below for more information.

At Cowboys Stadium are the seats numbered left to right?

When your in the seat looking at the stage the seat numbers go right to left. For example: Section B4, seat number 6 would be better than 1..higher numbers are better than low. Another example B4, Seat 1 would be right next to B5 which is farther away from the stage. But section A2 the lower numbers would be better than high. Again remember right to left if looking at the stage from your seat. It makes sense if you print out the seating chart otherwise it can be confusing.

What is the biggest American league stadium?

Yankee stadium has the largest seat capacity.

How many seats are there in the walkers Stadium?

There is 32,500 seat's at the walkers stadium Leicester