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3 ft

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Q: How high must the net on a tennis court be?
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How high is tennis court net in the centre?

The height of the tennis court net in the center is 3 feet high.

Official height of a tennis court net?

The official height of a tennis court net is three feet in the middle of the net. At the posts, located on each side of the court, the net should be three and a half feet high.

What is the length of the table tennis net?

The table tennis net must be15.25 cm (6 inch) high.

How many feet tall is a tennis court net?

The standard tennis net is three feet high, exactly one yard.

How many ft long is the net on a tennis court?

The net of a tennis court it 21' feet.

Did the Titanic have a tennis court?

No. There was a squash court which could have been modified with a tennis net but it would have been too small for a proper tennis court.

Where is tennis is played?

It is played on a tennis court, which is a marked out area with a net used just for tennis.

How high is the net at side court for tennis?

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What does the umpire do in tennis?

The umpire in tennis sits in a high chair on the side of the court near the net and watches the match carefully, calling the ball out when it's out of the court, calling foot faults of the server, etc.

How high is a table tennis net?


What is the rule for checking a tennis ball mark on a clay court?

The opponent is not allowed to go across the net in order to check the mark on a clay court. They must call the mark before they can cross the net.

How many holes in a tennis court net?


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