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For the smallest age group in Netball in Australia, the ring is 10 feet high.

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It is 10 feet high or 3m (metres) high.

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Q: How high is a basketball hoop in australia?
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How high basketball hoop?

If you in high school, it is about 10 feet

What is the hoop height 4 jv girls?

The basketball hoop is 10 feet high.

How high are the basketball rings in wheelchair basketball?

The hoops are the same height as a normal basketball hoop is.

Height of Jr high basketball hoop?

7th graders should be shooting/playing on a hoop of standard height. Which is 10 feet.

How high is the hoop for basketball?

It is 10 feet from the floor.

How many inches high is a high school basketball hoop?

All basketball hoops are 10' high, which is 120".

How high is a junoir girls high school basketball hoop?

ten feet

How high does a basketball ring have to be off the ground?

In Professional, College and High School basketball the hoop is 10 feet from the floor.

How high is a basketball hoop for grade 4 basketball?

It really varies on how big their butts are. If they drink pickles and pumpkin spray their hoop should be pretty tall.

How high is a hoop from the ground?

10 ft in professional basketball 3,05m

How high is a 9th grade basketball hoop?

10 and a half feet

How high is the Little Tikes basketball hoop?

The Little Tikes basketball hoop has an adjustable back the can make the hoop two feet five inches, all the way to four feet depending on how tall the child is.