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about 5.6 feet.

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Q: How high does a tennis ball bounce on tile?
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Will a ball bounce higher on tile or carpet?

A ball will bounce higher rebounding from a hard surface like tile that from a carpet.

Does a soccer ball bounce?

yes soccer balls do bounce of course the bounce higher on tile or comcreate then grass though

What makes a ball bounce higher on tile than on carpet?

The ball receives more energy transfer from the tile than it does from the carpet.

What surface do basketballs bounce more on concrete grass or tile?

A basket ball would bounce more on concrete depending on how flat the surface if not maybe tile

Will a rubber ball bounce higher on tile or carpet?

Probably tile. It all depends on how hard you throw it and the weak/strong points of the tile or carpet.

Will a ball bounce higher if dropped on tile or carpet?

Tile since loss of energy due to collision will be less compared to that on carpet.

What surface does a ball bounce best on?

the ball bounces best on a smooth,flat and hard surface

How far does a ball roll on tile?

it depends on the size and weight of the ball and if its flat tile or smooth...and what the ball is made of.

How high can a cold hot or warm tennis ball bounce?

My son and I did this experiment as a science fair project. We put 2 tennis balls in the freezer for 1 hour. We also put 2 tennis balls in heating pad (high setting) for 1 hour. We also used 2 room temperature balls. We dropped the balls from 80" onto a tile floor and measured the height of the bouces with a measuring tape. The results were fairly dramatic. The tennis balls from the freezer bounced an average of 25 inches. The room temperature balls bounced a full 50 inches. The warm balls bounced an average of 55 inches. Obviously there was a significant difference between the bounces of cold and warm tennis balls.

Why does a golf ball roll far?

Because unless the Earth is really wet, there is no cushion to slow the ball enough to stop the momentum caused by gravity. Sort of like the difference between why your head doesn't bounce on a pillow but it does on tile floor. The lower the ball goes into on the ground, the farther it will roll. And the harder the ground is, the farther it will roll.

How can you remove hair dye from tile?

Try to apply nail- polish remover on a cotton ball, and rub the dye of the tile.

Does all the glue have to come off in order to re-tile?

Yes, it does . Old tile glue will ball up and mess your job.

Cause of scale on pool tile?

High pH

How well does a basketball bounce on ceramic tile floor?

never tried, however, VCT makes a good in-expensive court floor!

What would happen if you dropped a soccer ball down an incline on snow tile and turf?

The ball would roll downhill.

What is specific heat capacity of a High-Temperature Reusable Surface Insulation Tile?


Vinyl Tile?

form_title= Vinyl Tile form_header= Install vinyl tile in your home with help from experts! What room are you retiling?*= _ [50] Is it a high traffic area?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure What color do you want the tile?*= _ [50]

Why does a ball roll a shorter distance on carpet than on a tile floor?

Friction and drag

On what kind of surface will a ball roll fastest wood carpet or tile floor?

The ball will roll more easily on a smooth tile floor than on a ridged wooden floor or a carpet. There is less friction and no collisions with the floor material.

Why are there holes in ceiling tiles?

The more holes in the tile the better the acoustic properties of the tile. If the tile has lots of holes it will absorb sound better and prevent reverberation within the room. if the tile is smooth it will not absorb the sound and it will bounce back and cause an echo.

How high should i tile a bathroom wall?

I have tiled to the ceiling in my shower room because this will stop the wall getting damp. I suppose the real answer to your question is tile as high as you wish. Consider how well your bathroom is ventilated.

What is difference between spartec tile and ceramic tile?

The name. Spartek tile is a brand of tile and Ceramic tile is a type of tile.

Why do balls bounce higher on tile than on wood?

You must consider newton's third law of motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The reaction would be greater on tile, because tile is harder. On a surface such as carpet it uses energy pushing down on the soft surface to get to the hard part. The carpet and wood are soft, therefore making a soft reaction.

How do you install tile over exiting tile?

You can tile over existing tile although it isn't reccomended. You would be safer by removing the tile and then installing the new tile. But, if you wanted to tile over existing tile you would have to make sure all the tile is even and not lose. If the tile is lose or uneven it will caused the new tile and grout to crack or pop out.

Can you screw into a ceramic tile backsplash?

You will need to pre drill the hole. Some diamond tipped drill bits will allow you to do so. Still there is a high risk of cracking the tile.