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They jump on average about 1m50cm

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Q: How high do 14 year olds jump high jump?
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can 14 year olds work there how much dose the job pay for 14 year olds ?

can 14 year olds work there?

What grade are 15 year old in?

14-15 year olds are in Freshmen year of High school. 15-16 year olds are in Sophomore year.

Things 12-16 year olds can do?

well 12 year olds can ride a bike, 13 year olds can go see pg-13 movies, 14 year olds can go to high school, 15 year olds can get their learner's permit and 16 year olds can get their driver's licenses!!! go 16 year olds!!

What difference between high school and secondary school?

Secondary is for 11-16 year olds. High school is for 14-17 year olds. Because Middle School is for 11-13 year olds. So it continues from Middle School.

Jobs in Rochester for 14 year olds?

Yes there are some jobs for 14 year olds.

Is it okay for 14 year olds to see other 14 year olds naked?

No definitely not

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Are there jobs for 14 year Olds in tucson

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Do you have a list of stores that hire 14 year olds?

What is the record in the high jump for a 14 year old girl?

1,80 metres

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the average wage for 14 year-olds is 8 dollars an hour

Where can 14 year olds work this summer?

14 year olds can work at a summer camp but it depence on what camp it is

Does McDonald's hire 13-year-olds?

no but they hire 14 year olds

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! have 3 kids, and my 16 year olds get in trouble at the mall way more then my 14 year old does.

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No one hires 14 year olds.

Are there jobs that pay for 14 year olds?

Publix hires 14 year olds they be cashiers bag boys/girls

Can I Have a list of jobs for 14 year olds in Columbia sc?

List of jobs for 14 year olds in Columbia SC

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SkyZone! The place is covered in trampolines and theres a foam pit to jump into and everything.

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Cause it is for 14 year olds and not anyone under 14.

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14 year olds can do alot they just have to look. Im 14 and im looking i can cut the grass or babysit

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Is there any jobs that's hiring 14 year olds in st.Louis

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14 year olds in Scotland can offer baby sitting services. 14 year olds may also mow grass or pet sit for their neighbors.

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14 year olds cannot work in any retail store. No 14 year old in the United States can work legally in any store.

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Well it depends on what state you live in.In my state 14 year olds go to the 8th grade.

What do 14 and 15-year-olds have that 13-year-olds do not?

15 year olds:can legally obtain a driver's permitare usually sophomores in high schooldepending on the laws in the state, may be eligible for jobs that 14 year olds cannot legally be hired for14 year olds:are usually just starting high school13 year olds:are still in middle schoolare technically teenagers, but some still consider them preteenshave more internet privacy under the laws

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