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Your stick cannot got above your shoulder height.

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Q: How high can you raise your hockey stick on the field?
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How high can you swing the stick in hockey?

In all forms of hockey, the stick may not be raised above shoulder height, except that in field hockey it may be used thus by a defender to prevent a goal being scored.

Is it legal to use a left handed field hockey stick at the high school level?

There is no such thing as a lefty stick. In fact lucky for you if you're a lefty playing field hockey because your power hand gets all the power

Can you pick up the hockey puck on your stick in youth hockey?

No it is considered as a high stick.

Name five common reasons for a foul in field hockey?

obstruction,kicking the ball, lifting it in the air, high stick, dangerous swing

What is a high back swing in field hockey?

When you swing the stick to hit the ball to far behind you. Typically it is when the stick goes above your hip. It is considered dangerous play and referees will call it

How do you drive in field hockey?

You bring your stick up the opposite way of the ball, but not too high only to your hip. then take a big swing forward but only let stick go to your waist.

What is it called when the hockey stick is above your waist?

High sticking

Can a hockey goalie get a high stick penalty?

Yes. A hockey goalie can get the same penalties as a skater gets.

What kind of field do you usually play field hockey on?

Field Hockey, at the higher levels is normally played on a turf field. High schools normally will play on grass.

What is the penalty in hockey when the stick is brought above the waist?


How high should your hockey stick be?

it should be at your nose [off of skates]

What does high stick mean in hockey?

it means when you hit a player, when your stick is over your shoulder, and he is struck in the face.