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5 meters at the speed of 160kph

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Q: How high can a crocodile jump out of the water?
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Do salmon jump?

Sometimes they jump out of water, but not very high.

Can the crocodile jump on land?

Yes and no. If the crocodile is furious, its about a 10% chance it will even jump the slightest bit off the ground and if its not mad and its just strolling no.

How high can a crocdile jup?

One type of crocodile can jump 6 feet in the air to catch its prey. The crocodile pushes off from the bottom of the stream, and jumps with its muscles activated. Smacking mouth wanting some food.

Is A salt water crocodile more vicious then a fresh water crocodile?


Which classic movie has crocodile in it?

Crocodile Dundee has 'crocodile' in it. Movies with crocodiles include Black Water, Primeval, The Crocodile Hunter and Crocodile.

How high can a water dragon jump?

About two to thre feet. I think?

What is the most deadly crocodile is Australia?

salt water crocodile

Where can you find the biggest crocodile?

Philippines, (salt water crocodile)

What is the population of salt water crocodile?

The population of salt water crocodile is approximently 200,000 to 300,000 crocodiles.

What is its called when a whales jump high out of the water?

Dolphins actually do not "jump" out of the water but more propel themselves towards the top of the water at a rate such that the dolphin appears to be jumping. This is a common misconception.

Can a dolphin jump high enough out of the water to jump in a boat?

Well I suppose they can seeing as they can jump out of the water in the first place. If a speedboat is speeding at a dolphin at the right speed and the dolphin jumps out of the water at the right time, the dolphin should land in the boat.

How many legs does a salt water crocodile have?