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The hoops are the same height as a normal Basketball hoop is.

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Q: How high are the basketball rings in wheelchair basketball?
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How high are the basketball rings?

how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings?

How high is a wheelchair basketball ring?

10' the normal

What is wheelchair basketball?

It's basketball that you play in a wheelchair

What equipment do you use in wheelchair basketball?

A wheelchair, basketball, and basketball hoop

What is the difference between wheelchair basketball vs regular basketball?

Wheelchair basketball... you're in a wheelchair... regular basektball you're standing up...

When was International Wheelchair Basketball Federation created?

International Wheelchair Basketball Federation was created in 1989.

When was National Wheelchair Basketball Association created?

National Wheelchair Basketball Association was created in 1949.

When was BeลŸiktaลŸ Wheelchair Basketball Team created?

Beşiktaş Wheelchair Basketball Team was created in 1903.

Who are some wheelchair basketball players?

There are many different types of wheelchair basketball teams. Some players on the Canadian wheelchair basketball team are Patrick Anderson, Chantel Benoit and Tara Feser.

When was Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball Team created?

Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball Team was created on 2005-10-20.

When was Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Super League created?

Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Super League was created in 1997.

When was wheelchair basketball invented?

when was wheel chair basketball invented

What is the difference between basketball and wheelchair basketball?

regular basketball is normall basketball and wheelchair basketball you play in wheel chairsThere are lots of differences as there are all spakerswho ever answered this question is a fanny

Is their any other equipment you need for wheelchair basketball other than a wheelchair basketball and hoop?

you also need a referee

Do you have to be confined to a wheelchair to play wheelchair basketball?

"Any individual who, because of permanent severe leg disability or paralysis of the lower portion of the body, will benefit through participation in wheelchair basketball and who would be denied the opportunity to play basketball, were it not for the wheelchair adaptation, is eligible."

An athlete sitting in a wheelchair at rest throws a basketball forward since the athlete and the wheelchair have greater mass than the basketball has the athlete and the wheelchair will?

move backward at a lower speed than the basketball moves forward

Is it possible that wheelchair basketball can play with regular basketball?

Probably not, as the guys in the wheelchairs would be easily blocked. Also, the guys on foot can probably outrun a wheelchair, and wheelchair people can't guard regular basketball players.

What is a good title for wheelchair basketball?


What equipment do you need to play wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair & basketball & a hoop would be good; and maybe some assistance just in case of an emergency == ==

What are the differences in height between wheelchair basketball and regular basketball?

Four Feet

How many players are on a wheelchair basketball team?


When did wheelchair basketball become a paralympic sport?


How much do wheelchair basketball players get paid?


What are the differences between wheelchair basketball and regular basketball?

First of all, wheelchair basketball is way sicker than regular basketball. Aside from the fact that scientific studies have shown that wheelchair basketball players are consistently more attractive than their non-disabled counterparts, they also have way madder skills! Allen Iverson tried to D up on me one time, and now he's in a wheelchair too. Ooooooh snap!

Could an elderly person in a wheelchair play basketball?

An elderly person in a wheelchair could play basketball, although probably not very well. But nothing would prevent such a person from throwing a basketball at a hoop.